Petsy Woof Box Review: October 2015 / Halloween Special

It’s the time of the month where we do a review about our latest Woofbox! If you don’t know what a Woofbox is, it is a monthly subscription box from PetsyWoofbox. You can find more details here in our first post.

This month’s woofbox came a few days before the end of the month; just in time for Halloween! The boxes usually arrive the first week of the month but I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to have a halloween themed box delivered after halloween. Good planning, Woofbox!

There were five items this month, two toys and three treats.



Proline Pet Food


Humom couldn’t find much information online so she decided to contact Woofbox and they told her that these “bone shape treats are 100% natural, corn-free treats perfect for training and come in different variants.” We really appreciate that they take into account the type of treats we prefer (small in size, good for training and grain free).

Retail Cost: £3/S$6.46

Lakse Kronch


Lakse Kronch – Pocket is a grain free natural product, made from fresh salmon and potato. The treat was named “Pocket”, because it does not rub off on your hands or in your pockets. The treats are naturally rich in the essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Salmon proteins have a high absorption rate and are very easy to digest.

Potatoes contain carbs, something humom tries to avoid. On a plus side, it is grain free so we’ll still get to try this out sparingly. **Katja from Woofbox taught humom that Laks means salmon in Danish! Learning new things everyday!**

Retail Cost: €2.90/ S$4.48

Woofoween by Woofbox


Woofoween is a special by PetsyWoofbox. I contacted Woofbox and they said these natural beef liver treats from cattle in Denmark were specially produced for the Halloween WOOFBOX!

Retail Cost: £3.50/S$7.54




This Wolters Bite Me Vampire ball is perfect for halloween! Humom said if we knew how to hold stuff in our mouth on command, it would make really great pictures like these found here. We say who cares about pictures? Just throw us the ball!

Humom: The ball has a hole at the back to stuff treats but after reading about dogs getting their tongues stuck in such toys, this ball would only be used for fetch and under closed supervision.

Retail Cost: €7.99/S$12.32

Danish Design


“Bertie the Bat is a luxury plush dog toy by Danish Design. Measuring 10 inches, Bertie is most suitable for medium-large dog breeds or smaller breeds who like a challenge. Danish Design are well known for their impressive range of quality dog toys and Bertie the Bat is a fine example with multi textures and rope legs.” – Its A Pet Thing

This toy is a combination of all of my(Lycan) favorite kind of toys. It has a squeaker, it is part rope and it’s a plush toy!

Retail Cost: £6.72 / S$14.55

Total Cost: S$45.35 before shipping

The items for halloween are really cute and suited the theme very well. Now we can’t wait to see what they have installed for us for Christmas!
Want a box too? Use the code “LYCANLEXIE” to get a 20% off your first box!

“Can I open this now?”

Lycan & Lexie


3 thoughts on “Petsy Woof Box Review: October 2015 / Halloween Special

  1. The proline pet treats look great, we are always looking out for small training treats as well, as many treats are far too big for use during training except as part of a jackpot reward.


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