Petsy Woof Box Review: January + February 2016

We’re reviewing two boxes in this post so do take note that it’s going to be pretty long!
There were some delays in the shipping so we didn’t get our January box but it arrived together with our February box! We’re not too sure which box was for which month so we decided to review both together.

If you’ve yet to read our other posts about Petsywoofbox, you can find our reviews here.


Proline Pet Food


This is a repeated treat and you can read our review for the Proline Pet Food here.

Cost: £3/S$6.46


We have 3 treats from Treateaters; the Licktreat, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Jerky.


The Licktreat is also a repeated item. You can find our review here.

Cost: 39.95DKK / S$8.15

Chicken Nuggets & Chicken Jerky


We’ve yet to try these but Humom said that the chicken nuggets remind her of sliced spam. The chicken jerky looks like the dehydrated chicken she makes for us but BIGGER! Hopefully she doesn’t break them into tiny bits.

Chicken Nugget – 49.90kr/S$8.15
Chicken Jerky – 55kr/S$8.98

Natural Training Treats by PetsyWoofbox


Humom really loves the size of these treats. They’re chewy and they also break easily, a plus for her because she loves breaking our treats into tiny pieces (that stingy woman).


Cost: –

Chew Stick


Since there is only one and it’s not very big, Humom decided that this will given to Patches as she’s afraid we would accidentally swallow and choke on it.

Cost: –

Whesco Nature


Whesco Nature, is characterized by a 100% natural treat for your dog. All Whesco Nature products produced in the EU – 100% Quality and natural content – TilDYR

We’re really excited to receive lamb tripe. Stinks like crazy but we absolutely love it. Humom plans on using these as training treats since we’re really motivated to work for whatever is stinky (Humom: maybe I should reward y’all with a stinky sock during training then). The only downside of this is that our treat cupboard is going to smell really bad for a while but hey, we’re not complaining.

Cost: 29dkk/$S5.95

Pepper’s Choice



Minimis for your dog as a reward in the dog training and delicious snack between meals. Only ingredient is 100 % meat of German origin. – Pepper’s Choice

Petsywoofbox knows how much Humom loves receiving training size treats and they were kind enough to pick those to send it to us! We received the beef and turkey flavors.
Humom: I noticed there were a percentage of “raw ash” (or better known as ash content) stated in the treats and decided to do a little research on that.

What Is Ash?

In dog food, ash is not like it sounds. Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not a filler intentionally used to dilute a recipe.

  • Ash is what’s left over after any food has been completely incinerated. It’s the final product of food combustion.

In other words, if you were to completely incinerate a can of dog food, all three major nutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) would burn away, leaving just the food’s minerals behind.

Mineral nutrients (like calcium, phosphorous, zinc, iron, etc.) make up ash, the ultimate residue of food combustion.


Cool info, eh? I never knew anything about ash content before this!

Cost: €2.50 X 2/S$7.65

Beef Trachea Chews


Just the thing for the two-footed who are sensitive to smell but still want give their beloved tail-waggers a treat. Besides being odor-free, these chews are also convincing in terms of taste. The 100% natural dried beef treats are also tough, and therefore an ideal way to pass time for your darling doggie.
Free of colors, additives and preservatives. – Pepper’s Choice

We get our breakfast in a stuffed kong and after Humom saw a post by MyRottenDogs, she’s been wanting to get trachea to make edible “kongs” for us. She’s been trying to find raw trachea but to no avail so these dried ones would be the next best bet.

Cost: €3.85/S$5.90


Our Pets


  • For healthy play and exercise
  • Easy to fill with your dog’s favorite treats
  • Promotes physical and mental alertness

– Our Pets

Humom: Whenever I see a toy with only one opening, I’m always reminded of dogs who get their tongue stuck in it. This will be one of those toys I would allow them to play with on a rainy day and only when I’m home to supervise.

Cost: $10/S$13.65



How cute is this little fellow! He’s really soft and squeaky. Lexie isn’t a fan of stuffed toys but she took to this fellow, chewing and pulling on his “spines”. Humom went online to go look for more info about him but she couldn’t find any other hedgehogs that looked like him! She thinks it might be a new design?

Cost based off previous hedgehogs: $8.75/S$11.90



Cuddling with sea creatures has never been this cute. KONG CuteSeas are made of soft corduroy for snuggling. They also contain a squeaker and make a crinkle sound during playtime. – KongSG

Another cute little stuffed toy! We love how his tentacles crinkle and he makes a really good tug toy!

Cost: $8.93/S$12.13

Total cost for 11/13 items / two boxes: S$88.92 Excluding Shipping

Humom: Initially, I was really disappointed that we didn’t receive our January box on time. They weren’t responding to emails or people’s enquiries on Instagram about not receiving their boxes too. They finally got back to us on the 22nd Feb about both boxes and by the end of the Feb, we received both of them as promised. I wasn’t too pleased with receiving repeated items but other than that, we truly like the items from both boxes.

**The people of Woofbox were kind enough to drop us an email explaining the reason behind the repeated gifts. Definitely appreciate the effort and explanation. I’m very particular when it comes to customer service so what they did is a definite plus.**

Have you guys gotten your Woofbox? If not, what are you waiting for?
Enter “LYCANLEXIE” to get a 20% off your first Woofbox!


Lycan & Lexie


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4 thoughts on “Petsy Woof Box Review: January + February 2016

  1. Looks like a bunch of goodies! I had one on those licky ball things before, got it at a BlogPaws in the swag bag. One night I didn’t have treats for training class and so I grabbed that. It might have been great for a quick little training session, but using it for an hour made Delilah super thirsty! LOL My bad.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!!


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