Christmas Lunch At Happenstance Cafe

Over the weekend, we brought Lycan to go meet up with his furfriends at Happenstance cafe for a little gathering/Christmas lunch! Lexie had to stay at home because she’s in heat and a little feisty so it was safer to leave her at home. _DSC0782 We arrived at about 12pm and Toby, Smallie and Tugger were already there. Not long after, Muffin & Pudding arrived followed by SirToby and Yoda & Vader. Humans had their lunch while the dogs went to play. Lycan didn’t get to run around much while we ate because he went around barking at every dog so we kept him by our side till we were free to watch him.

Humans behind the pups' accounts.
Humans behind the pups’ accounts. Photo credits to TobyMyCorgi

No food pictures because I was too hungry and started digging in before the thought of taking a picture hit me. After everyone was done, it was cake time for the dogs! We ordered two doggie log cakes from The Barkery because it won’t be Christmas without log cakes!

Beef flavored log cake with carob frosting.

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