Dinner At Lots Gourmet

During the weekends, we tend to walk the dogs from our place to a park nearby that has synthetic grass to play fetch & frisbee. It gets kind of boring after a while and since we’ve been wanting to try out the rental bicycles by ofo, we decided to take them on a little adventure.

The original plan was to cycle them to the dog run but we somehow ended up at the row of shophouses near the dog run. We’ve been here before without the dogs to eat at someplace else and was contemplating on eating at the same place while we left the dogs in a down stay position on a grass patch just in front of the shop but the hubs decided to try his luck and ask the bar & bistro next door if they were dog friendly so they could accompany us for our dinner. They were! So this was how we stumbled upon Lots Gourmet.


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Dinner At Queen’s Garden (CLOSED)

After our trip exploring the CBD area on Saturday, the parents were feeling a little hungry and decided on dinner before heading home. As dog cafes were a definite no for them and most of the places Humom was considering were already closed, DadDad suggested the bistro they’ve been wanting to visit near Changi Village. With the help of Google, they learnt that the place was called Queen’s Garden.

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Dinner At Frienzie Bar & Bistro

While most people went to catch the fireworks on National Day, the parents decided to bring us for a nice, quiet stroll before having dinner at Frienzie Bar & Bistro.

Our walks there always start from @Punggol, where Frienzie Bar & Bistro is located. It was still pretty early so we decided to cross the bridge over to Lorong Halus as it tend to be less crowded as compared to Punggol Waterway. That day, however, was exceptionally quiet (except for the occasional jets taking off from PLAB) which made the walk even more serene.


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&MADE Burger Bistro

As we go to Sentosa pretty often, humom has been wanting to have lunch at Quayside Isle for some time but they usually decide against it as they get tired from playing and bathing us after a tiring morning at the beach. This weekend however, they decided that they will head over to take a look.

We arrived around noon and the cafe they originally wanted to dine at, Kith Cafe, was packed. There were quite a number of people queuing for tables, the place was pretty squeezy and there were quite a number of dogs there so the parents decided to look around and that was how we chanced upon &MADE Burger Bistro.


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Our Visit To Ah B Cafe

Our parents were home with us on Tuesday and since it was a weekday and most places are pretty empty during the week, they decided to bring us to Ah B Cafe! They’re located in Sunny Heights so you can bring your pups there after a tiring swim.

One thing humom really likes about Ah B Cafe is that it’s spacious enough for us to run and play. The last time we were there, it was pretty crowded with a few Golden Retrievers but it was still spacious enough for everyone to play or avoid each other!


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