Pet Cubes Review

As you guys might know by now, Lycan and Lexie are on a raw diet. As Pet Cubes were looking for pet owners who believe in healthier pet diets, they approached us to try out their meals.


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Raw Feeding: Supplements Update

There has been a slight change in our supplements so here’s a little raw feeding update!

Fish Oil
Research has shown that fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce joint discomfort and itchy, flaky skin. It also reduces the risk of stroke or heart problems. It helps strengthen the immune system which helps protect against auto immune diseases.


We started on Hoki Fish Oil after hearing DaraDeExplorer rave about it. We’ve been on it for about a month now and humom says she doesn’t notice much difference but hopefully it’ll help us in the long run!

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Our Diet; Raw Feeding

** For those who are grossed out by raw meat, DO NOT continue reading.

I just realised it’s been three months since we started on their raw diet! So what better way to start than to post about their favorite time of the day, dinner.

I’ve been wanting to start feeding raw even before we got Lexie. It took me approximately six months or more of research till finally I had the guts to feed them raw.

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