Dinner At Lots Gourmet

During the weekends, we tend to walk the dogs from our place to a park nearby that has synthetic grass to play fetch & frisbee. It gets kind of boring after a while and since we’ve been wanting to try out the rental bicycles by ofo, we decided to take them on a little adventure.

The original plan was to cycle them to the dog run but we somehow ended up at the row of shophouses near the dog run. We’ve been here before without the dogs to eat at someplace else and was contemplating on eating at the same place while we left the dogs in a down stay position on a grass patch just in front of the shop but the hubs decided to try his luck and ask the bar & bistro next door if they were dog friendly so they could accompany us for our dinner. They were! So this was how we stumbled upon Lots Gourmet.


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Kohepets Review

We haven’t been blogging for quite some time and one of our resolutions for 2017 was to get back to doing so and what better way to start than to do a review post!

If you have not heard of Kohepets, they are an online pet store that stocks up on over 6000 pet products! With the amount of pet products to choose from, it wasn’t easy for us to decide what to buy. Did you also know that Kohepets will deliver your purchases to you for FREE ? All you need to do is to spend more than SGD$60 and Kohepets will deliver your purchases right to your doorstep. (Tip: If you’re unable to meet the requirements for free delivery, just add another bag of treats or a few toys to your cart instead of paying for the delivery fee of SGD$8)

Technological advancements has allowed us to do shopping in the comfort of our home or even on our mobile devices. Kohepets has really taken the time to enhance the customer experience for online shoppers like us. The navigation is really easy around the website and the huge search bar at the top of the site is really easy to search for any items that you are looking for. In addition to the amazing navigation and search features of the website, Kohepets has high quality and clear images of their products which allows you to zoom in and read the actual description on the product itself. This gives us the same feeling as if we were picking something up in a store!

Ursula from Kohepets was so kind to offer us credits to try and here was what we chose:

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Ocean-Farmed Green Mussel Bites


Green mussels provide a rich source of minerals and omega fatty acids making them a great natural anti-inflammatory. They are considered a super-food as they contain a large variety of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. You can read more about green mussels here.

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Petsy Woof Box Review: January + February 2016

We’re reviewing two boxes in this post so do take note that it’s going to be pretty long!
There were some delays in the shipping so we didn’t get our January box but it arrived together with our February box! We’re not too sure which box was for which month so we decided to review both together.

If you’ve yet to read our other posts about Petsywoofbox, you can find our reviews here.

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Dinner At Queen’s Garden (CLOSED)

After our trip exploring the CBD area on Saturday, the parents were feeling a little hungry and decided on dinner before heading home. As dog cafes were a definite no for them and most of the places Humom was considering were already closed, DadDad suggested the bistro they’ve been wanting to visit near Changi Village. With the help of Google, they learnt that the place was called Queen’s Garden.

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