Our 2015

In 2015..

We went on a few Adventures.
We went for dog hashes. Here’s a few that we blogged about. #156 (First Hash), #157, #158.

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Lexie Turns Two!

So over the weekend, we celebrated Lexie’s 2nd birthday! We won’t be having a birthday party this year so the parents decided to have our own celebration.

Since her birthday was on a Saturday, humom decided to bring us to Gardens By The Bay, Bay East, as they know there are plenty of space in the empty fields for us to run. They wanted to take pictures of the fireworks as well so that place was a good spot!


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How We Got Our Names

Hi there! A while back, @mangothesheltie‘s mom shared with us a site that posted a plethora of blogging prompts to inspire us on what we can be blogging about for the month of April! A simple one on the list that we’ve chosen to start off is how we got our names. Mom has mentioned it quite a few times on different social platforms but here’s a short post about it if you’ve yet to read on how we got our names!

Name: Lycan

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Our Point Of View

Hi there!

Mom has decided that she’ll start blogging from our point of view now. No idea why she didn’t do it from the start since this is OUR blog.

Just a short update in case you guys were wondering why the blogging style is different from the previous posts.

Okay bye.DSC_1936_1


Lycan & Lexie

Our 2014

Can’t believe yet another year has gone by! 2014 has been pretty good. We made a lot of new friends, explored tons of places and went to different events. Here’s a look back at our 2014! January First pic of 2014!

First visit to Bishan Park.
First visit to Bishan Park.


Back when it was still K9 Kulture
Back when it was still K9 Kulture
First visit to SunPetgamart
First visit to SunPetgamart

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