Petsy Woof Box Review: August 2015

We got our very first subscription box from PetsyWoofBox!


Humom loves subscription boxes for dogs because it’s a monthly surprise and you’ll receive items you’ve never even heard of or have been meaning to try! She has been looking for a monthly subscription box after Puppost stopped and even though there are a few local ones, mom being the picky woman she is, felt the stuff in there were totally not worth it in both price and quality. She really likes the boxes from Petbox and Barkbox but they do not provide International shipping and she would have to use a different shipper. As mom is an idiot when it comes to online shopping, she doesn’t want to have to go through the hassle and she felt the additional cost was not really worth it. So imagine how excited she was when she finally found one that provides worldwide shipping!


All the way from Denmark, Petsy Woofbox started WOOFBOX with a vision to provide products that are natural, preferably organic and produced under environmentally friendly conditions. This was a major plus for us as most boxes we’ve seen are filled with a lot of treats mom wouldn’t consider feeding us even if it were free.

You can choose to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the box so if you think you’ll like to subscribe long term, I highly recommend getting the 12 month plan! Unlike most boxes, Woofbox deducts the fees every month instead of a one time payment for the amount of months you choose.

Screenshot (115)


12 MONTHS – £15
6 MONTHS   – £17
3 MONTHS   – £19
1 MONTH     –  £29
**Price breakdown given directly by Katja from Woofbox!

Anyway, moving on to our very first box! Humom subscribed for the 12 month plan and after shipping, the cost is about S$44. For this month’s box, it consisted of five items; two toys and three treats.


If you’re wondering if these five items are worth S$44, here’s a little breakdown and you be the judge.

Jax & Bones GingerBread Man – USD$13.50 / S$18.90
Eco P.L.A.Y Bone                       – USD$8.90 / S$12.45

The Dog Treat Company          – £2.50 / S$5.45
Armstrong’s Twisted Fish         – £2.95 / S$6.40
Alfie & Molly’s                         – £2.99 / S$6.50

Total Cost Before Shipping:      S$49.70

Do note that they ship out between the 19th and 24th of every month so you might only receive your box on the start of the following month. For us, we received our box on the 3rd of September.


We’ve yet to try the treats but we LOVE the Jax & Bones toy! There was even an incident where Lycan brought the toy to Humom and she ignored him because she was on the computer so he jumped up on the chair and placed the toy on the table, next to her.

You can check out their English site or Instagram. Silly mom didn’t realise there was an English site and ended up ordering from their Danish site. She had to google translate every word while signing up. Oh and one more thing, you can use “LYCANLEXIE” during checkout to get a 20% off your first box!

Lycan: Hey, mom clearly said “Leave it”. Lexie: But FISH!!

Do let us know if you’re getting a box and your thoughts on the items once you’ve received them!

Lycan & Lexie


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20 thoughts on “Petsy Woof Box Review: August 2015

  1. You google translate all the danish words – – …. pretty worth it with the 12 month subscription! And it definitely looks better than the local boxes! Lucky dogs to get new toys and treats every month!! 🙂


  2. So many boxes, so little time. My mom loves Denmark! If foreigners could own property there, we would probably have moved there rather than back to the US. They always have wonderful things, so I’m sure their box is a good one.


  3. That looks like an excellent box. I like the natural treats and the toys look like they would be fun too. It is wonderful that you found a service that does international shipping. Thanks so much for joining the hop.


  4. Thank you for joining the blog hop!!

    I’m so glad you shared this box. The reason I shy away from these subscription boxes is because I’m very particular about the toys/treats I give my pets and can’t see the sense of spending money on something I won’t let them eat/play with.

    I’m glad you love the products in your box, and sorry mom had such a tough time with ordering (it sounds like something I would do.) 😉


    • Thanks for hosting it!

      Yeah I totally understand how you feel! Took mom forever to find one she think was worth it because most of them had tons of stuff she won’t let us eat. She’s not really particular about toys because she knows we’ll end up destroying them no matter what but the previous boxes she’s seen had really cheap toys, the kinds we’ll destroy within minutes.

      Hahahaha glad she’s not the only one who would go thru so much trouble to get something for us! 😉


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