Our 2015

In 2015..

We went on a few Adventures.
We went for dog hashes. Here’s a few that we blogged about. #156 (First Hash), #157, #158.

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8 Places To Bring Your Pups For Instagram Worthy Pictures

Our humans have seen the 10 Instagram Worthy Places from Mothership and The Smart Local and got inspired so here’s our take on 8 Places To Bring Your Pups For Instagram Worthy Pictures!

1. Punggol Tree**


Starting the post with the most popular spot; the Punggol Tree! We were there at about 4pm on a Saturday and it was relatively quiet. You can bring your pup for a nice stroll before/after snapping pictures with the tree as it is located along Punggol Waterway!

**We’re sad to say that this beautiful tree was struck by lightning a few months back and was officially removed on the 16th of Dec ,2015 as it was falling apart.

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Dash #158

We went to our third dog hash on Saturday! It was located at Jalan Lam Sam, some forested area around Choa Chu Kang. Mom said she’ve seen pictures of previous hashes at Jalan Lam Sam so we were really hopeful on getting down and dirty. Unfortunately, the hash was really dry and we spent nearly 3/4 of the hash on the path.

Like every dog hash post, we’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Letting the virgins know how the hash goes before setting off
Letting the virgins know about the hash before setting off

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Dash #157

After our first Dog Hash last month, it was decided that we will be attending monthly dog hashes if possible! This round, we were joined by Toby and Russell. The run site for this month was in the forest located near Chinese Cemetery Path 4.

Before we started, there was be a short “brief” and to check who the newcomers aka virgins are. Just a heads up, it’s going to be a very long post with a ton of pictures.

Gathering before the run.
Gathering before the run.

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Venus Drive

We saw that our friend, Benji, has been heading to this pretty place called Venus Drive and we had to check it out for ourselves especially if it involves running around!

It’s a trail walk that leads to the HSBC treetop walk. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on the treetop walk so we just had to make do with where we were allowed.

The trail is right in front of the parking lot so that’s a major plus as we have the tendency to get lost.

Lycan: come on, walk faster!!!
Lycan: come on, walk faster!!

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