Puppost Review: What’s In That Box?

Hi There!

It’s that time of the month again where we receive our bi-monthly Puppost!

What is Puppost, you might ask?

PUP POST is a bi-monthly subscription box, for dogs! When you join PUP POST, you’ll receive a selection of specially curated items every even month.  It could be anything from toys and treats, to hygiene and grooming products to enhance your interaction with your pooch!

Being a PUP POST subscriber also means special deals and promotions at their Puppost Store! If you like an item you’ve received in your PUP POST, you can request for more to be delivered in your next box.

Head down to Puppost for more info!

We’ve been a subscriber since November.


We just started on Instagram as well, so we didn’t take much pictures except this of Lycan with his bow tie!

Fluffypant’s fur was short but thick so it kind of devoured the bow tie.

Back then it was just him and we decided to subscribe to Puppost because we wanted to spoil him with tons of toys.


Can’t remember what happen to December’s box so skip December to January’s box.

Really pleased with January’s box because they included Lexie and it was just a month before that we got her!

Super efficient and up to date without me having to inform them.

February box has their favorite border collie squeaky toy.

It’s now in the car and they play with it whenever we go for car rides.

The best part? It’s SUPER durable.

Previously, it was a monthly subscription but after February, they decided to switch to bi-monthly. So after February’s box, the next box was in April. Was a little disappointed but hey, only alternate months to worry on what to get them.

Lycan can’t wait to start tearing into his April’s box!

Lexie was afraid of the box so she ran away.

“Whut iz diz? Can I eats it?”

We had a Puppost Egghunt where we had to match our egg with another subscriber!

Oh the fun things Puppost do.

And the BEST part of April’s box?

Few lucky subscribers(we were one of them!) got chosen for a photoshoot with Orange Studios!



It was our first photoshoot so we didn’t know what to do and was pretty awkward but Ryan our photographer was super nice and made us feel really comfortable!

Do check Orange Studios out if you want to go for a photoshoot with your furkids!


Lycan couldn’t wait to start playing with Mr Ducky from June’s box.


And lastly, this month’s box!

We are definitely happy subscribers as Puppost ALWAYS send us items that we’ve been wanting to buy.

We would usually contemplate on getting a certain toy for them and the next thing we knew, it would be in their box even before we get it for them.

It’s like Christmas every two months because they’re always getting “presents” that we’ve been wanting to get.

Go subscribe now; you won’t regret it.


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