Petsy Woof Box Review: September 2015

Our September Woof Box arrived a little earlier(1st Oct) than expected and Humom was really surprised with the contents inside!

For this month’s box, we received seven items, two food items and five toys. Together with those, there was a little note tied to one of the toys. We can’t read but humom really loved how they took time to customise everything.



Billy + Margot


We got this Strawberry & Apple biscuit treats from Billy + Margot.

Retail Cost: £2.25 / Box
S$4.83 / Box

We’ve yet to try these but humom said she can’t wait to take them out and use as training treats as they’re a really good size. Most treats are really big and she usually has to take time breaking them into smaller bits before training.

The Innocent Hound


The other treat we got was this sliced venison sausage from The Innocent Hound.

Retail Cost: £14.85 for 3 Boxes
S$10.63 / Box

These treats are also a really good training treat size. It smelled really strong and we absolutely love it! We don’t know about you pups but the stronger the treats smell, the more excited we get. It is really soft and chewy as well.


Armitage Good Boy


The first toy is the Armitage Good Boy Wild Tugz Lizard.

Retail Cost: £3.49 / S$7.42

Humom can’t seem to find more info on their website but according to this post, it is in the Top 10 Best Tough Dog Toys. Can’t wait for mom to give it to us because we want to test out how durable it is. We’ve destroyed Kongs, Chomper’s Gladiator TUFF toys and Tuffy toys(all supposedly really durable) within minutes so lets see how long this will last.

Barkington by Good Boy


These two are our new favorite toys. We play tug with it and occasionally use it as a chew toy. Humom loves how solid it is and thread doesn’t look like it’ll come off easily; a plus as mom has the fear that we’ll eat it and end up with a blockage.

Retail Cost of rope tug toy: £2.50 / S$5.34
Retail Cost of long rope toy: NIL (Can’t seem to be able to find it online)


Our last two toys are the Lion and the Duck! They’re something really different as we’ve never seen toys made of hessian. Humom says they’re so cute, she was thinking of displaying them instead of giving them to us. Woah, woman, these are OUR toys.

Retail Cost of Lion: £5.99 / S$12.80
Retail Cost of Duck: £5.00 / S$10.68

Total Cost: S$51.70 Excluding One Rope Toy

We really like this round’s box as it was truly a surprise! The toys are really cute and humom said she feels the box is really value for money. Can’t wait for our October box!

If you want to know more about our first box, you can check it out here. A breakdown of the cost and more details can be found there. We were told that we’re the first pups in Singapore to order from them so as a little something special because we love the box and hope to share it with everyone, you can use the code “LYCANLEXIE” to get a 20% off your first box!


Lycan & Lexie


10 thoughts on “Petsy Woof Box Review: September 2015

  1. Looks brilliant! Really hope to try it out sometime but I’ve spent too much on Bonnie recently for her first “gotcha day” which is coming up on Halloween! So maybe I will try it after then, the training treats and the sausages especially look good.


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