Kohepets Review

We haven’t been blogging for quite some time and one of our resolutions for 2017 was to get back to doing so and what better way to start than to do a review post!

If you have not heard of Kohepets, they are an online pet store that stocks up on over 6000 pet products! With the amount of pet products to choose from, it wasn’t easy for us to decide what to buy. Did you also know that Kohepets will deliver your purchases to you for FREE ? All you need to do is to spend more than SGD$60 and Kohepets will deliver your purchases right to your doorstep. (Tip: If you’re unable to meet the requirements for free delivery, just add another bag of treats or a few toys to your cart instead of paying for the delivery fee of SGD$8)

Technological advancements has allowed us to do shopping in the comfort of our home or even on our mobile devices. Kohepets has really taken the time to enhance the customer experience for online shoppers like us. The navigation is really easy around the website and the huge search bar at the top of the site is really easy to search for any items that you are looking for. In addition to the amazing navigation and search features of the website, Kohepets has high quality and clear images of their products which allows you to zoom in and read the actual description on the product itself. This gives us the same feeling as if we were picking something up in a store!

Ursula from Kohepets was so kind to offer us credits to try and here was what we chose:

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Ocean-Farmed Green Mussel Bites


Green mussels provide a rich source of minerals and omega fatty acids making them a great natural anti-inflammatory. They are considered a super-food as they contain a large variety of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. You can read more about green mussels here.

As the pups are really active, constantly running and jumping; this might take a toll on their joints as they age. With fish oil being a constant in their diet, we thought why not help their joints a little more with natural treats! We’ve read up quite a fair bit about the benefits of green mussels and seeing that Kohepets carried the K9 Natural Freeze Dried Ocean-Farmed Green Mussel Bites, we decided that that was one of the must haves.

The pups got really excited when I first opened the bag as the smell was well, a little overwhelming. If you’ve read our other posts, you’ll know that we’re fans of all treats/food stinky; the smellier, the more appetizing it is to the pups!

Gave it to them and Lexie absolutely LOVED it; she finished it in a mouthful. Lycan on the other hand, wasn’t too sure about what he was eating so he picked at it causing it to flake and break off, crumbling to the ground.

If you’re looking for a treat that is both nutritious and potentially high value, you should give K9 Natural Freeze Dried Ocean-Farmed Green Mussel Bites a try. It works as a high value treat for Lexie and it is an awesome recall reward due to it’s savory scent that really gets her focus.

WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Lavender and Primrose


Packed full of lavender, this spritzer soothes your pet while the Evening Primrose Oil helps nourish their coat. Leaves your dog smelling deliciously sweet and fresh between washes.
Perfect for calming a stressed animal – before a trip to the vet, during fireworks, etc. Made with spray-free lavender grown in beautiful NZ. Can be used on dogs & puppies, cats & kittens, rabbits & guinea pigs, horses & cows – any animals really. – WashBar

Being on a raw diet, the pups hardly smell and baths are once every three months. However, as parents, we still want our dogs to look and smell fresh. We’ve heard of dry shampoos to use in between showers but we don’t like the hassle of having to brush the powder out. With WashBar’s 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Lavender and Primrose, all we have to do is to spray it on them and they’re good. We occasionally run our fingers through their fur after spraying the spritzer on to help evenly spread the scent out. With it being so quick and easy, we love it especially for those days we’re heading out and we’re in a rush!

The other thing we love about this product is how every ingredient is natural. When it comes to the pups, we try our best to supply them with everything natural/organic/eco-friendly. From their meals to their toys and even poop bags so why not a daily spritzer too? Besides it being natural, unlike other deodorizers we’ve tried, the WashBar’s 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Lavender and Primrose scent is not too overpowering. Lycan is really sensitive to deodorizers and the previous ones we’ve used always causes him to go into a sneezing fit. However, with the WashBar’s 100% Natural Daily Spritzer in Lavender and Primrose, we never had this issue! A definite plus because who wants their pup to suffer just so they would smell nice, am I right?

Can’t wait to finish this bottle because we want to try their Citrus and Manuka!

Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Water Fountain


The re-circulating water flow eliminates stale, stagnant water to provide fresh-tasting, cool filtered water with a multitude of inherent health benefits. The fountain is elevated to provide a better drinking position–ideal for large breeds, older dogs or dogs with arthritis, muscle and joint problems. Encouraging your pet to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function. –Dogit

Living with two dogs, sometimes having a large water bowl is still not enough for their daily intake. We tend to refill their water bowl twice a day which can be quite a hassle especially on those days where you’re late for work. On top of that, during weekdays where the weather is exceptionally hot or when they play quite a bit, we can come back to an empty water bowl. I know, why not just get more water bowls? Well, firstly, it’s pretty unsightly to have so many water bowls around and secondly, when you live with baboons, those water bowls WILL get flipped one way or the other.

We’ve been eyeing the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Water Fountain for quite some time now after seeing how useful it is for the puppies at my(Humom, dogs are not working lol) workplace. What drew me to it was that it can store up to 6 liters of water, a multi-stage filtration to absorb water impurities and is even suitable for cats!

Small enough to fit in their cage.

By far, this would be one of the most worth it items we’ve gotten to date. Not only is it reasonably priced, it’s not bulky and undoubtedly functional. It has saved us precious time in the morning and we don’t have to worry that they have insufficient water to drink while we’re not home.

Overall, it really was a hassle-free online shopping experience coupled with excellent service and quality products as promised by Kohepets.

Please do check them out on their here! You can find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too!

Humom, Lycan & Lexie


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