Pet Cubes Review

As you guys might know by now, Lycan and Lexie are on a raw diet. As Pet Cubes were looking for pet owners who believe in healthier pet diets, they approached us to try out their meals.


Pet Cubes

The creators of Pet Cubes advocates natural healing and prevention of sicknesses through quality food. They are passionate in providing the highest standards of food(human grade quality fresh food) and services to pets and their owners.
To know more about Pet Cubes, you can click here.

Pet Cubes provides two feeding options, PetCubes® RAW and COMPLETE++(cooked).
As the Ls are solely on a raw diet, Pet Cubes gave us two cases. Each case contained five different meat types; Kangaroo, Lamb, Chicken, Beef and Pork.


Each case contains seven packets, each packet weighing approximately 320 grams which is split into four cubes.

Each meal contains meat, organs, vegetables, blueberry and cranberry superpowders. Instead of using bones, they use sea coral calcium as a replacement.

Moving on to our experience with feeding them Pet Cubes.
**I’m apologize in advance that the start of the review is poop talk LOL.

  • For my new readers, I would like to start off by saying that Lexie has a very sensitive stomach. Even the tiniest change in her diet such as giving too much treats can cause her to have diarrhea. On the first day of feeding them Pet Cubes, we were honestly expecting Lexie to have diarrhea the next day. This was especially so as there were vegetables in the meals and we do not feed them vegetables. Note: this will be considered a big diet change for her. To our surprise, her poop was normal. Not even soft stools!
  • If you’ve read our previous raw feeding posts, you’ll know that their meals are balanced out weekly as it is more convenient. Their meals are separated into “meat meals” and “bone and organs”. What I really like about the meals by Pet Cubes is that it is balanced out daily. Like I mentioned above, each meals consisted of everything from meat to organs.
  • I absolutely LOVE their packaging. To defrost, they recommend leaving it in the freezer the night before to thaw. There are times where I forgot to take their food out to thaw so I threw them in a bowl of water to thaw instead. I was a little worried that there might be holes in the packaging but they were vacuum sealed so there was no chance for water to seep in. #triedandtestedbutidonotrecommendyoudoit
  • On “meat days”, the Ls meal is usually used for training. I would spend an additional half an hour chopping the meat into smaller chunks. Everything in the PetCubes® RAW is minced. Remembering that some time back, I bought two GoToob for training but somehow it didn’t work as the food kept getting stuck and wouldn’t flow out. I decided to give it a try again but this time with the PetCubes® RAW and it worked!

If you’re thinking about starting raw and you’re worried about balancing your dog’s diet, you can consider giving PetCubes a try!


Humom, Lycan & Lexie

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