Lunch At Open Farm Community

Over the weekend, a few of us went to Open Farm Community for lunch! We decided to bring Patches instead of the Ls as they can get pretty restless and would want to play whenever there are other dogs around.


They have two outdoor seating areas. The first one is right in front of the parking lots. It’s spacious and would be an ideal seating area if you have dogs with you. It is, however, not fully sheltered so if it rains or if it is very hot (like that day), you poor pup might not be too pleased!

The second outdoor seating area is at the back. Though much smaller, it is sheltered.


Quickly settled down as we were late and started flipping through the menu. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I’m not a fan of complicated sounding menus. I like menus that I can flip through and decide what to eat within five minutes. The menu here would be a good example of a complicated menu so if you’re anything like me, a word of advice would be checking out their menu online so you’ll more or less have an idea of what they serve.


Decided not to look through each item and went straight to the pasta page; my safest bet because I love pasta. Thankfully, our group is relatively big so the waitress took a while before coming around to take my order.

After everyone got their orders settled, we decided to bring Patches exploring! There was a flight of stairs right next to our seating area which leads you to a garden where they have different sculptures and a stretch of grass patch, that from what I’ve seen on their page, is used for something called “lawn bowl”.

Seeing that it was grassy and that there was a wide, open space, we allowed Patches to run around for a bit. Smallie tagged along.

We didn’t last long in the garden. The heat was unbearable and within 5 – 10 minutes, we decided to head back to our seats.

The drinks arrived shortly after we returned.
I ordered the watermelon, strawberry and yogurt smoothie while the mister had coffee.

The food took a while to be served but on the upside was that nearly everyone had their food served at the same time!

I ordered the Rigatoni with local mushrooms, smoked pancetta, stilton and balsamic reduction.

It was SO GOOD. Them having a complicated menu was forgiven because it was love at first bite. I would definitely recommend you to try this if you love blue cheese. The thought of it now is making my mouth water. I love pasta and half the time when we’re dining out, I’ll order pasta. I’ve even eaten pastas from Italian restaurants but I would have to say this beats every pasta I’ve eaten.

The mister ordered the Vietnamese Pho roasted short rib, buttery green asparagus and crispy kuzu noodles.

Surprise! Pho.. without the pho (reminded of how when I was a kid, my parents would tell me they would order chicken rice without the chicken since I only ate the rice LOL). The mister was a little irritated because it wasn’t what he expected. He felt that the portion was rather small. Other than that, he did enjoy the food! The bean sprouts were really savoury and the short rib was juicy.

Thoughts: Food was superb, the dining area was a relatively good size and the garden is great for the dogs to explore. We did feel that the serving size was rather small(we do eat more than what an average couple would though so it could just be us). Don’t really have much words to describe our experience there; you have to pay them a visit for yourself!

Overall Experience: 4/5 Rigatoni

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819
Contact: +65 6471 0306
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
12pm to 10pm
Saturday – Sunday/PH
11am to 10pm
*Parking lots available. Keep a lookout for their signboard.
**Call to make reservations as I heard they can get pretty busy!

Check out their Facebook page or Instagram!

Anyway, by the time we were done with lunch, it was around 1pm. We had to leave as they were due for the next lunch seating but before we left, we had to take a group photo! #tootiredtomove #firstpicofthewholegroup #toobadtheLswerentthere




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