Petsy Woof Box Review: March 2016 / Easter Special

Surprise surprise! Our box came early; just in time for Easter!


You can read our previous reviews here.

This month, we received five treats and two toys.


Arden Grange


  • Arden Grange CRUNCHY BITES are a really tasty treat that dogs can eat between meals without ruining their appetites.
  • Crunchy Bites are hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. This means that when you wish to give your dog a treat, you can be sure that Crunchy Bites will give a healthy reward that your best friend deserves.
  • Arden Grange Crunchy Bites are a complimentary dog food and the ideal reward to use when training or for good behaviour.- Arden Grange

These cute little bone shaped treats smell so good(to us)!! Lexie has this intense focus on her face only when she’s playing fetch but these treats got her giving the exact same look!


Cost: £2.40 / S$4.68



Here at LOVESNIFFYS we do things a little differently. We are passionate that dogs should be eating delicious, natural treats with benefits to their health, but we also wanted to limit our impact on both the environment and animal welfare. Here is why our treats are a truly ethical choice:

  • We use no meat at all
  • We only use vegetarian cheddar (and then in only two of our treats)
  • All our biscuits baked in carbon neutral ovens
  • All ingredients are Palm Oil free
  • We have Vegan options
  • All are certified by The Vegetarian Society
    – LoveSniffys

We received two boxes from LoveSniffys, the first one being the “Train Without Grain“, a grain free treat that consists of apples, bananas, coconuts and cheese! Like it’s name, it is without grain. The second one is “Minty Breath Bites” which contains peppermint and parsley, combined with  kelp to improve the smell of your dog’s breath. You can click on their links to know more about the products.

Cost: £2.90 X 2 / S$11.31


Our last two treats are from Guru.

They come in two sizes, the “Field Trip” and the “Road Trip“. Both are made of the same ingredients which consisted mostly of dried ground chicken meat (28%) and thermally treated brown rice (28%). “Field Trip” is a good size for smaller dogs like Patches and the “Road Trip” is a good size for us!

Cost: £3.495 / S$6.81



Both toys are from Kong!


The first toy is the Tuff ‘N Lite Frog. Humom had a little trouble trying to get it to squeak but when she did, she got a shock at how loud it was! We’ve yet to play with it as Humom was thinking of using it as a toy for days at the beach! Not too sure if this little fellow will float though.

Cost: S$17.00


The second and last toy is the Tugger Knots Moose.Like it’s name, it makes a really good tug toy. It even squeaks!


Cost: S$15

Total Cost: S$54.80 excluding shipping

Humom: So not only did our March box arrive early, they managed to get it delivered just in time for Easter! The pups absolutely love the treats and toys. One of the main reasons we really love Petsywoofbox is that they never fail to surprise us.

Have you guys gotten your Woofbox? If not, what are you waiting for?
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Lycan & Lexie


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