Petsy Woof Box Review: November 2015

November’s Woofbox is a little special; it’s PetsyWoofbox’s birthday box! If you don’t know what the Woofbox is, you can find more details here.

For this month’s box, we got a total of seven different items!


As usual, we will start of with the treats followed by toys.


Woofbox Munch


Woofbox Munch, like last month’s Woofoween, is a special by PetsyWoofbox. For this month’s special, we received ox lungs! The size for the ox lungs make perfect chews. These will be given to us on days Humom forgets to prepare our frozen kong just like the treats in the Woofoween!

Cost: –

The Dog Treat Company


Another two packets from The Dog Treat Company! We received the Original in our first Woofbox. We can’t remember what happened to the first one though. We most probably finished everything within one training session.
This time, we got the Joie De Vivre – Vitality & Immunity Booster and Take My Dog Breath Away – For Fresh Breath.

Cost for One: £2.50 / S$5.30
Total Cost For Both: £5 / S$10.60



Previously, humom tried making similar for us but failed terribly because she wasn’t able to squeeze the treats out from the tube and thought she was destined to have treats + saliva on her fingers during training. Imagine her delight when she opened our box and saw this!

We thought it was really weird and we were pretty conflicted on whether or not we like it.

Seeing how convenient this is, Humom is definitely planning on getting more if we like it.

Cost: 39.95DKK / S$8.15


Turkey Gnaw-A-Bone by Good Boy


Yay to a new chew toy! We have a bone that we “share” and occasionally chew on. Lycan: It’s not considered sharing when Lexie is always stealing it from me. Humom said she’s going to save it till Christmas though because “there’s a Christmas tree on it which means it’s for Christmas!” Right, mom.

Cost: £3.00 / S$6.35

Vido The Fox from DesignedByLotte


Humom: By far THE cutest toy we’ve gotten. Love everything about it; from the material to the shape and size. I went on their site and saw that they have other similar designs and they even have one of a raccoon that I might just get for myself.


I allowed the pups the play with it for a mere minute before I took it away saying “Sorry but you both will NOT be destroying this.”

Cost: –



Do you find picking up our warm poop gross? Do you worry that the bag will tear and you’ll end up with poop fingers? If yes, we think this would be an ideal solution to prevent all that from happening.

Scoop up poop easily in a single movement and avoid the unpleasant sensation of feeling it through the bag. The shovel is environmentally friendly, made ​​of sturdy cardboard and used to advantage with greater thin and biodegradable bags with handles. 5% of the profits go until the world’s research of dementia through the Alzheimer Foundation.

The humans have yet to test it out and have concerns that the poop will just roll off and it won’t be as easy as stated. We’ll get them to test it out soon and come back with a review!

Cost: 19.90 sek / S$3.30
Per piece: 1.66 sek  / S$0.275


Last but not least, a month subscription with DogTV!


DOGTV provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog – friendly programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. The result: a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.

Humom is trying to get DadDad to set it up. Hopefully it works and we’ll be able to watch tv while we’re home alone!

Cost: $9.99 / S$14.00

Total Cost For 5/7 items: S$39.375 Excluding Shipping

November box is by far the best one we’ve gotten. Now we’re really excited for our December box because it’ll most probably be a Christmas themed box. Hope we get it just in time for Christmas!


Lycan & Lexie


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