Humom Talks: Packing For Dog Boarding

As the year is coming to an end, most of us are preparing to go on a vacation. What happens to the pups then? For those who do not have anyone else to look after them while the humans are gone, they too go for their own staycay!

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I get very paranoid that I might forget to pack something so I tend to write a list of what pack for them when they go on their little staycay.


This is top on our list as they are on a raw diet and I’m pretty particular about what they’re having daily. I would recommend packing their usual food as a change of diet may cause diarrhea. Some boarding places provide cooked meals so if you cook for your dogs, you can actually just pay a bit more for their daily meals!
**You can also pack their food and water bowls just in case your pup doesn’t like to eat out of other bowls.

2. Supplements/Medication

You can bring along your pup’s medical record if they have any medical history. If your dog is currently on medication, bring that along. As for supplements, we don’t have the tendency to pack them as we’re never gone for more than a few days.
However, being in a new environment can sometimes be a little overwhelming and stressful for your pups which in turn can cause them to have loose stools. Yes, stress can cause diarrhea. A good way to help treat that is by feeding probiotics.

Probiotics assist in leveling the microflora of your dog’s intestinal tracts, reducing bacterial movement over the lining of the intestines, and decreasing permeability. – Vetinfo

We get our probiotics from The Barkery.

It comes in both gel and powdered form. We have it in the powdered form as it has a longer shelve life and it is easier to feed; just sprinkle it into their food!

3. Instructions

Be it instructions for feeding, instructions for medication or supplements or even instructions on how to handle your dog, it is good to have a list for the boarders especially if it’s their first time there!

4. Vet’s Contact

Leaving your regular vet’s contact number would make it easier for the boarders if anything were to happen to your pup as your regular vet would already have your pup’s info.

5. Something Familiar

Before Lexie, we used to pack a worn t-shirt for Lycan just in case he misses us and felt lonely. You can pack your pup’s toys, a worn shirt* with your scent or even his/her bed! This wouldn’t be a good idea if your dog resource guards but if they have a room on their own that they go back to at night, the boarding place can leave the stuff in there.
*There’s a possibility that it’ll come back torn or soiled so make sure you don’t mind throwing the shirt that you’re packing for your pup!

6. Collars and Leash

Some boarding places includes daily walk so it would be good to bring your own leash and collar. Make sure your pup’s collar tag has your *updated* phone number and address. Accidents can happen so it’s better to play it safe.

I hope this list helps make your packing a little easier! Do let us know if there’s anything else I can add to the list!

Ps. If you’re looking for a place to board your dogs, you can read our review about these boarding places!

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11 thoughts on “Humom Talks: Packing For Dog Boarding

  1. Excellent tips. We don’t really board our dogs (their breeders watch them for short vacations), but we have sent them away for training. That is months at a time (we visit and go for training sessions). We have always sent their supplements and yogurt with their food. The beautiful thing about sending them for training (it is field training) is that they are so busy doing what they love that they do not really miss us. 🙂


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