Raw Feeding: Supplements Update

There has been a slight change in our supplements so here’s a little raw feeding update!

Fish Oil
Research has shown that fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce joint discomfort and itchy, flaky skin. It also reduces the risk of stroke or heart problems. It helps strengthen the immune system which helps protect against auto immune diseases.


We started on Hoki Fish Oil after hearing DaraDeExplorer rave about it. We’ve been on it for about a month now and humom says she doesn’t notice much difference but hopefully it’ll help us in the long run!

Coconut Oil
As coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, it helps prevent and treat fungal and yeast infections, reduces allergic reactions and improves skin conditions. If applied topically, it promotes the healing of cuts, dry skin, hot spots and wounds etc. Coconut oil also improves digestion and nutrient absorption. Just like fish oil, it also helps aid in arthritis or ligament problems.


We’ve been using the Value Wellness Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which comes in a 1 litre bottle  from The Barkery but this time round, we decided to go with the Sunrise Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as it is 250ml and would not last as long as the 1litre bottle. Humom doesn’t want to keep the oils for too long so she think getting the smaller oil would be a better choice. Cost wise, the 1 litre bottle would definitely be more worth it.

Kefir has anti-fungal properties which helps prevent allergies and promote healthy looking skin. It also has antibiotics and micro-organisms present to restore balance to your pet’s digestive tract and strengthen the digestive system. The Vitamin B in Kefir will regulate the normal function of liver, kidneys and nervous system. As there are probiotics in Kefir, it can help with inflammatory bowel disease and eczema.


Kefir has helped Lexie with her digestive issues and she rarely gets soft stools anymore! It has also helped Patches the poodle with her skin issues. Humom did a post about our experience with Kefir which you can read up about it more here.

That’s about all, for now. We will definitely keep you guys updated if there is any changes in our diet!

Lycan & Lexie

Humom decided to do a short video on how our supplements are fed to us!


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4 thoughts on “Raw Feeding: Supplements Update

  1. Very cool. I see from your video that you do the raw mix yourself. Congrats! I’m not brave enough to do that yet. LOL

    Sampson and Delilah used to get coconut oil but I’ve stopped and keep forgetting to add it back in. They do get a good multi-vitamin, some minerals and a probiotic as a supplement though. Along with some Omega 3 and Glucosamine supplements.

    My understanding of the oils is you don’t always see the results because of lot of what they do takes place on the inside, although if you have a pup with arthritis it’s possible you will see the improvement in their mobility.

    Thanks so much for joining the blog hop!!


  2. We don;t feed raw, but we do add coconut oil, yogurt and a supplement to the dogs’ food. Coconut oil as a supplement is a great way to give the coat a healthy boost. Thanks so much for joining the hop!


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