The Snuggery

On Saturday, the parents were heading out without us and instead of leaving us at home, they decided to drop us at the newly opened The Snuggery for a trial daycare!


The Snuggery, previously PawPlanet, reopened last Friday after closing in January. They provide daycare and boarding for dogs. Modelled after the same concept as PawPlanet, it will remain cage-free and has an even bigger space of 2000 sqft. They also provide live web cam viewing so you’ll be able to watch your pups play! What really stuck out to me was that there will be shift work so your dog will still be looked after even at night.


Behind the main room, there is an extra room that is about the same size of the play room for dogs that want some quiet time away from the rest of the dogs.

DSC_5952 DSC_5951

They have water bowls of different heights for dogs of all sizes! As for the pee tray, if you’re worried that it’s too small for your large dog, fret not, they have a big patch of synthetic grass at the back for them to do their business.


There is even a little waiting area for the humans!


While humom was taking pictures, dad was busy playing with everyone there. Can you spot us?


DSC_5982 DSC_5979

Humom’s Thoughts:
We really love how huge and spacious it is there. The both of them can run around freely without the worries of them bumping into stuff and hurting themselves. Space is important when you have border collies and I think the owner knows it too because she has two of her own! Here’s a little something more on why The Snuggery will be our go to daycare/boarding place.


The Snuggery
7 Lichfield Road,
Singapore 556827
Contact: 8716 7550
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7.30am – 7.30pm
Weekends / PH: 9am – 5pm
Viewings are by appointment only

Street parking available right outside The Snuggery. As it is a one way street, you’ll have to turn in by Raglan Grove.

Contact The Snuggery now for a trial daycare and to check it out yourself!
You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

“Ermagawdd mom, they look like me!!”

Lycan & Lexie


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