Dinner At Frienzie Bar & Bistro

While most people went to catch the fireworks on National Day, the parents decided to bring us for a nice, quiet stroll before having dinner at Frienzie Bar & Bistro.

Our walks there always start from @Punggol, where Frienzie Bar & Bistro is located. It was still pretty early so we decided to cross the bridge over to Lorong Halus as it tend to be less crowded as compared to Punggol Waterway. That day, however, was exceptionally quiet (except for the occasional jets taking off from PLAB) which made the walk even more serene.


During our two hour walk, the sky started to darken but thankfully it didn’t rain!


At around 6pm, the sun was setting so we decided to head back to @Punggol and have dinner. The parents were contemplating where to eat and decided to go with Frienzie as they wanted to watch the parade on TV.

They started off with a bottle of moscato rosa.


The parents took a while to order as there were quite a variety to choose from. Frienzie was also having different promos going on so they had additional stuff to consider besides the food on the menu. We don’t get why humans take forever to decide what to eat. Just order everything on the menu!
**Frienzie is always having different promos going on so do check with the waiter or you can go to the hostess stand and take a look the chalkboard next to it.


We waited patiently while the parents were deciding.

DSC_5758 DSC_5752

So after what seemed like forever, humom ordered the “Thai Style Seafood Pasta” while dad ordered a Pepperoni Pizza.

DSC_5768DSC_5771 DSC_5770

Humom said her pasta was really good but didn’t like dad’s pizza and dad felt that he preferred his pizza over her pasta. Food is food, people. We’re more than happy to help if you don’t want to finish yours.

Humom’s Summary:
What we like about Frienzie Bar & Bistro is that you can head there for a meal or just to relax with friends. We’ve tried nearly everything on the menu and would recommend that you try their Jumbo Chicken Cheesy Sausage. If you’re going there to relax and have a few drinks with your friends, we would recommend having the Nachos! Frienzie is our go to place to chill as it’s located in Punggol, a place we’re most comfortable with and even though it can get crowded during the weekend, it’s not too bad as it’s really spacious. Price wise, I think it’s pretty reasonable but if you’re very used to going to dog cafes, this might be a little more pricey especially if you’re going to order an alcoholic drink. Another thing to note is that even though they allow dogs, as far as I know, dogs are NOT allowed on chairs especially if you have anything bigger than a small dog.

Overall Experience: 4/5 pizza slices

Frienzie Bar & Bistro
10, Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836
Contact: 8318 8850
Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday, 4pm to 1am.
Friday & Saturday, 4pm to 2am
Parking is located right outside. It is a mere 30 second walk from the restaurant to the carpark. The carpark is relatively big but it can get pretty full during the weekends. You can head there a little earlier to park and go for a stroll before the dinner crowd comes in.

Do let us know if you’ve been to Frienzie or intending to do so. Would love to hear your experience!

Fun Fact: Humom will always have a soft spot for Frienzie as that is where she met dad when he was working as a bartender when they first opened! 


Lycan & Lexie


3 thoughts on “Dinner At Frienzie Bar & Bistro

  1. They are so cute, as always! Food looks great! I love when you can take pups to restaurants. Zelda is still a little bit of a handful in that situation…LOL But, Barkley’s manners more than make up for it. 😉


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