Lexie Turns Two!

So over the weekend, we celebrated Lexie’s 2nd birthday! We won’t be having a birthday party this year so the parents decided to have our own celebration.

Since her birthday was on a Saturday, humom decided to bring us to Gardens By The Bay, Bay East, as they know there are plenty of space in the empty fields for us to run. They wanted to take pictures of the fireworks as well so that place was a good spot!


We left dad to set up the mat and his camera stuff while we ran around and played with humom!

DSC_5475 Humom packed a few of our toys. Here’s one of our favorite, our Pridebites! It’s really durable and multipurpose so the parents try and bring it wherever we go.

DSC_5451 Besides ready made toys, Pridebites do custom made toys as well where you can add your pup’s face on it. They have custom made accessories for you dogs as well if you’re not looking for toys. Head over to Pridebites and get a 20% of your purchase when you key in “LYCANLEXIE” at the checkout!

As we arrived pretty late, we weren’t there too long before the sun started setting and humom thought was a good photo opportunity as we rarely take pictures against the sunset. Would be better if they could get a picture of us with the buildings behind but it was pretty crowded on the boardwalk so they decided to give that a miss.

DSC_54681 We were told to take a break on the mat as there was a flypast and the parents were worried we would get scared. To their surprise, we were pretty calm and even looked up to watch the planes go by.

DSC_5490 Humom: When we brought them there, I had already planned on leaving if they started showing any signs of stress from the fireworks but thankfully we didn’t have to as the two of them were nothing but calm. As we played quite a few rounds of fetch, Lexie got so tired that she napped through most of the fireworks. 

PC: Dad

We headed home after everything ended and to our surprise, we had a special meal planned out for us! Humom went meat shopping the night before and bought us lamb shanks with bone, something we’ve never had before. It was something different from our usual meal as we had to strip the meat off the bone rather than our usual “chomp chomp everything into our tummy”.

Besides that, we had our favorite weekly mackerel as well.

Even though it was a simple “celebration”, we sure had fun!


DSC_5494 Love,
Lycan & Lexie


3 thoughts on “Lexie Turns Two!

  1. Awwwwww!! Are you sure the fire works weren’t because it was Lexie’s bday? 😉 Cutest celebration pics! Barks and Zelda are jealous of that lamb and mackerel. 🙂 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXIE!!!! 🙂 🙂


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