We Visited Pawcation!

If you’ve not heard of Pawcation, it is a newly opened Daycare/Boarding place for your pups located at 479 Joo Chiat Road. If you’ve heard, you might unfortunately have heard some bad reviews but all is good now because two weeks back, a friend of ours (dog owners and dog lovers themselves) took over! So last Sunday, after the Sun Soakers event, a few of us decided to pop by for a visit.

Shop front

Humom forgot to take pictures but they have a few items for sale on their shelves!

Their boarding area is different from what we are used to but we love how its SO much more spacious as compared to a commercial boarding place we tried once in Balestier. The size of Pawcation’s smaller suite (33 sq ft) is about the same size as the biggest suite at the other boarding place. Their biggest suite is about 55 sq ft so we have a decent amount of space to play in. They also provide live viewing from their webcam 24/7 so you can just log on to view your pups any time of the day! Major plus for people like our stalker humom. Rates can be found here.

Boarding area.
Boarding area.
“Why did you lock us in? We demand to be let out immediately!”

If you’re wondering if your pups have to stay in their room all day, the answer is no! Pawcation has a roof where they laid out synthetic grass for your pups to play and do their business on. One less thing to worry about if your dog is allergic to grass.

Outdoor play area
Outdoor play area
So many dogs!
So many dogs!

If you’re worried that it’ll get too hot, fret not as there is a tent where your dogs can hide under for shade.

“Shall hide here instead!”
Smart dogs hiding from the sun.
Smart dogs hiding from the sun.

And if you don’t want your dog to be out running in the sun but still want them to get their exercise, you can request for them to let your pups run on their treadmill!

Pawcation is located at
479 Joo Chiat Road
Level 2
Singapore 427684
Contact: +65 8328 3305
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11am – 7pm

Finding a parking lot can be a challenge. The most convenient would be to get someone to drop you off before heading to i12 Katong’s carpark. There are also a few parking lots along the main road so do keep a lookout for those if it’s not convenient to park at i12 Katong.

You can head over to their Facebook page or website for more details!

Stairs leading to Pawcation

We sure had fun there so hopefully we’ll be back there again!

DSC_5104 Love,
Lycan & Lexie


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