Our Buys: June

Our parents don’t usually spoil us with new stuff but they decided to do a little shopping in June! DSC_4544 Here’s what they got and why they chose these.
**Bone shaped cookies were given by muffinlicious, they were not bought by the parents.

1. Pridebites

“We make incredibly high quality, long lasting products. We put them through extensive testing with our own dogs before we give them the PrideBites™ stamp of approval.”

We’ve been fans of pridebite toys since day one. It’s soft, it squeaks and it even floats! Pridebite toys have hands down been THE most durable toys we’ve had. Another reason the parents aren’t buying us toys as often as before is because these toys last so long! The first two lasted us six months and the second two, which were Christmas presents, are still with us!

2. Busy Buddy Rip N Tug

The rip ‘n tug is a 2-in-1 rewarding and tuggable toy.
“Om nom nom”

These were recommended by our trainer, Michelle, for our agility class. The toys have pockets so treats can be placed inside. Lycan isn’t very toy motivated and this helped a lot during class because he knows that the toy contains food so he’s more determined than ever to get the toy. It works as a tug toy as well so that’s a definite plus as Lycan loves playing tug!

3. Musher’s Secret

“Musher’s Secret is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions.”

Our paws are pretty dry from the long walks and weekend adventures. Humom has been wanting to buy a paw moisturizer for quite some time but there are so many brands out there so after much research, she decided to go with Musher’s Secret! It was the first brand she’s heard of and she likes how they were made for sledding dogs so as to protect their paws even in the most extreme conditions.

4. Earth Rated Poop Bags

Dog waste is an environmental hazard that affects our every day life and can make dogs and people sick! We provide affordable and fun products to keep communities clean, so that all dogs (and their humans!) have safe spaces to run and play.

We first got our hands on the Earth Rated poop bag holder together with a roll of poop bags in one of our Puppost box. Humom loves how thick the bags are so she doesn’t have to worry about the bag tearing and having poop hands when she cleans up after us. There are even lavender scented poop bags which helps mask the smell of our poop. Slightly pricier than regular poop bags but totally worth it.

We would like to thank YodaXVader, SmalliepillarDaraDeExplorer and SheltiesRomeoJuliet humans for helping with the orders. Humom is kind of an online shopping idiot but she has finally gotten some tips from YodaXVader’s mom so hopefully that means more stuff for us! Do let us know if you’ve tried any of these or you’re thinking of getting them after reading our post!


Lycan & Lexie


9 thoughts on “Our Buys: June

  1. Everything sounds wonderful! You guys are very lucky – I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun with all those new products!

    The Busy Buddy Rip n Tug sounds great but I’m a little reluctant to purchase their products again as my little sheltie CHEWED THROUGH a Busy Buddy Food Puzzle in 10 minutes. I would love to hear how long this toy lasts for your dogs!


      • According to the website, you only need to apply once a week. So I just apply at the door wait a bit for it to absorb than we go out 😛 😛 So I don’t have that problem. I know Ashley Border Collie wears socks at home when she has wax applied to her paws though. 😛

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