Pets Picnic Party 2015

Over the weekend, we attended the Pets Magazine’s Pets Picnic Party 2015 with a few friends. The parents were a little reluctant at first as we had to be on leash, surrounded by a lot of dogs. Like most picnics, we were to spend our time sitting around, relaxing, something we aren’t too familiar with while being outdoors. We ended up behaving really well and humom was really proud of us.

DSC_4163 The cost of the tickets were $55 but early bird promo was $45 per basket. The cost was for four humans and two dogs but our little family consisted of two dogs so we couldn’t share the picnic basket. There were four bottles of snapple and four sandwiches for the humans. Mom and dad shared a sandwich and threw the rest away as she said they smelt a little “off”. Our friends’ parents ate the sandwiches and unfortunately fell ill. Really unfortunate for this had to happen.

The live band that was performing at the picnic were relatively good.

DSC_4201 There were three different games that owners and dog could take part in. Lycan and dad took part in a contest where they were to see which dog can catch all five treats that were given. Lycan unfortunately did not catch all five treats to win first prize as this boy was pretty distracted with the floor. He has gotten pretty picky and some food aren’t to his liking. Cute how he finds the floor more interesting than the treats, eh?

DSC_4188Ps. If you were there and thought that dad was disappointed/pissed that Lycan didn’t catch, unfortunately, you’re wrong. Dad has something called Resting Bitch Face where his default face looks pissed. #stopbeingsoquicktojudge

As it rained before the picnic started, a tentage was set up. There were quite a number of people and dogs and everyone was cramped under the small tentage making it very hard to move around but after an hour, the crowd was slowly leaving. We were pretty pleased as it meant more space for us! The parents felt that the picnic was pretty mundane though and were glad to have a few friends around to talk to.

Toby and Smallie
Yoda and Vader
Polar and Lycan photobombing.

It’s definitely something different from our usual time spent going for long walks and exploring. We made it through three hours of not moving around much except for the hourly walks. Will we attend such events again though? Only time will tell.

Lexie: Mom plz, not in front of my friends!!
Lexie: Mom plz, no huggies in front of my friends!!
Lycan: Dad, you’re embarrassing me.

Lycan & Lexie


3 thoughts on “Pets Picnic Party 2015

  1. Compared the basket last year and this year, this year is sadly lacking. And poor quality food? OMG. And considering your thoughts, quite glad we skipped it due to illness 😛 Hah! Have fun at the Sun Soakers 🙂


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