&MADE Burger Bistro

As we go to Sentosa pretty often, humom has been wanting to have lunch at Quayside Isle for some time but they usually decide against it as they get tired from playing and bathing us after a tiring morning at the beach. This weekend however, they decided that they will head over to take a look.

We arrived around noon and the cafe they originally wanted to dine at, Kith Cafe, was packed. There were quite a number of people queuing for tables, the place was pretty squeezy and there were quite a number of dogs there so the parents decided to look around and that was how we chanced upon &MADE Burger Bistro.


The menu was plain and simple, something our parents appreciate when they’re hungry as they don’t have to flip through pages and having to take forever to decide on what to eat. Mom ordered the &Made B & C Burger while dad ordered The “B” Burger. They ordered a Cesar Salad with Roasted Chicken to share. When the salad was served, the parents were shock by the size of it. The picture doesn’t do justice to how big it was.

Cesar Salad with Roasted Chicken

The burgers were a good size but the patty was bigger than a regular burger. Mom couldn’t finish her burger so she fed us a tiny bit of the patty. It was so tiny, an ant could carry it without any difficulty. Mom had cheese fries for her sides while dad had truffle fries. Do note that for the cheese/truffle fries, there is an additional charge of  $1.50/$3.00. You can add an egg or even foie gras!

&Made B & C Burger
The “B” Burger
“Are you gonna finish that?”
“Can I haz sum?”

Mom’s Summary:
We really like Quayside Isle in general as it seemed that most bistros there, if not all, are dog friendly. Parking was really convenient as they have a carpark located at the basement and a spiral staircase leading up to the stretch of bistros.
As for &MADE Burger Bistro, I really like how spacious it is. The pups could laze next to the walkway and there was still space for people to walk by. Do note that we prefer keeping them close to us but if you prefer to allow you dog to explore further away, you might think that it’s not very spacious. Another plus is that they provided water bowls for dogs! The burgers were pretty juicy and I was pretty pleased that some came with bacon without an additional cost. The fries weren’t amazing but I like how huge the salad bowl was!

Overall experience: 3.5/5 bacons

&MADE Sentosa
31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle
Singapore 098375
Contact: 6690 7570
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 12noon to Midnight

“Who likes it here? ME!”

Lycan & Lexie


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