Raw Fed For A Year!

It’s been a year since we started our raw diet. You can click on the links for a more detailed post on our 3rd, 6th and 9th month into raw.

For those who don’t know, their diet consists of meat, bones, organs and supplements.

Chicken: Gizzard and Heart.
Beef: Chuck tender, Lungs, Knuckles

Beef, Mutton & Pork heart
Beef, Mutton & Pork heart + Coconut oil

Pork: Boneless neck, Heart, Tongue
Mutton: Boneless leg

Beef lungs, Pork, Chicken heart + Coconut oil
Beef lungs, Pork, Chicken heart + Coconut oil

Fish: Mackerel, Canned Sardines, Smelt

Mackerel, Pork, Beef with Turmeric + ACV + Coconut oil
Mackerel, Pork, Beef with Turmeric + ACV + Coconut oil

Chicken: Whole without innards
Pork: Trotter, Ribs and Tail

Pork tail, Chicken thigh and Pork liver
Pork tail, Chicken thigh and Pork liver

Duck: Whole without innards

Chicken: Liver
Beef: Liver and Spleen
Pork: Liver and Kidney

They occasionally get raw eggs in their meal as well.

Coconut Oil
Organic Turmeric Powder
Apple Cider Vinegar
Slippery Elm (Lexie gets a teaspoon of this on days she has loose stool)
Goats Milk

They get supplements on alternate days besides coconut oil which is added into their meals daily.

Estimated cost for about 28kg of food per month: $150 – $180

28kg of food. Tissue box for comparison
28kg of food. Tissue box for comparison

We buy their food in bulk every month so as to save on delivery charges and we don’t have to call the suppliers on a weekly basis. How do we store 28kg of food you ask? Well, we got them a chest freezer!

Filled to the brim with their food

My parents have been nagging that their food is taking up too much space in the fridge so the bf and I went to get a chest freezer specially for them. When we first got it, we were pretty pleased at how big it was and how there was still so much space for food. However, I have the habit of overbuying their food and we always end up with extras and within a few months, their food started piling up and the chest freezer was eventually filled to the brim. Don’t worry, they get fed the previous batch of meat first while the newest batch will be placed at the bottom of the freezer.

I’ve been reading up on how bone broth helps with joint health and since I’m trying to look for natural supplements, I decided to give it a try. We bought a 5.5L crock pot over the weekend and made a huge pot of pork trotter broth! We allowed the broth to boil for about 20 hours before turning it off and leaving it to cool. The broth will turn into a jelly state once it’s cooled.

Broth turns to jelly when it cools.
Broth turns to jelly when it cools.

The next step for us was to fill the ice cube trays! After that was done, the trays were put into the freezer. Two leftover containers of broth was put into the freezer as well. They get a cube a day for their meals and they absolutely love it.

Time to freeze it
Preparing to freeze it

Any noticeable difference in their health?
Lycan: Weight has gone back up to 15kg but as compared to a year back, we can feel his spine and ribs. His shape is more prominent even when he’s dry. He’s much more active and he can run and swim for longer periods of time, even longer than Lexie! His teeth are much cleaner even though we have never sent him for dental scaling and we don’t brush their teeth!

“What big teeth you have!”

Lexie: Maintained her weight at 12kg instead of it fluctuating as compared to a year back when she used to refuse her meals. She has always been super active so not much of a difference in her energy level. Teeth are definitely much cleaner. When we got her at 4 months and brought her for her first vet visit that very same day, we were told that we have to brush her teeth regularly to prevent it from getting worse. Raw has definitely improved her teeth the same way it has with Lycan’s teeth.

” I haz big teeth too”

Even though we occasionally do still face minor problems(loose stool), we are overall very pleased with how raw feeding has helped them. We have more or less given them most meat types found in the market so we’re hoping to start them on game meat soon!

PS. We will still do occasion updates on our diets if we try something new but there won’t be quarterly updates anymore.

Lycan, Lexie & Humom


11 thoughts on “Raw Fed For A Year!

  1. Love how their teeth are super clean when they’re on raw. 3 weeks into commercial raw due to lack of freezer space (sigh) and the teeth go back to old state.


      • They are doing great! Barkley has kept the weight off and even though Zelda is super lean and skinny, she is growing fast. I’ve been told raw fed puppies are super lean no matter how much you feed them!


      • Aawww that’s great! Hahaha yeah I realised that too! Lexie doesn’t gain weight even when I use to feed her 3.5% and even when Lycan did gain weight, he wasn’t fat? Are they more active?


      • I can’t tell with Zelda… She has SO much energy as it is! She is sooo fast! Barkley is getting older, but Zelda is really keeping him young. They wrestle constantly!! 🙂


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