How We Got Our Names

Hi there! A while back, @mangothesheltie‘s mom shared with us a site that posted a plethora of blogging prompts to inspire us on what we can be blogging about for the month of April! A simple one on the list that we’ve chosen to start off is how we got our names. Mom has mentioned it quite a few times on different social platforms but here’s a short post about it if you’ve yet to read on how we got our names!

Name: Lycan


I was already called Lycan when the parents adopted me! The parents are really thankful that my previous owners gave me such an awesome name and they decided to stick with it because they think it’s a pretty unique and uncommon name. They also didn’t want to racked their brains coming up with a new name for me.

Nicknames: Fat Boy, Fatty, The Fat One, Fatass, LyLy

** Mom has plans on naming our future brother Lucian and it was only awhile back that @somewhitecookie‘s mom told her that Lucian is the name of the leader of Lycans’ in Underworld! She’s watched Underworld before and knew of Lycans but didn’t pay much attention to know that Lucian was also a name used in that movie.

Name: Lexie


Mom wanted my name to start with L like Lycan and wanted it to be something similar to our bunny sister, Trixie. She kind of combined both their names together and ta-dah! My name came along. It was only after she got me did she realized that Lexie is a pretty common name.

Nicknames: LexLex, Girlgirl, The Small One, Fat Baby, Poop Face (I use to roll in poop)

** Mom wanted to name me Alexis at first but felt it was too human like so she decided to go against it. She finds it weird when we meet dogs who have the same name as her so she knows how weird it’ll be for someone else to meet us and learn that I have the same name as them! Thankfully she didn’t name me that too as our friends’ mom is called Alexis. 😛

If you’re going to have a new addition to the family but have no idea what to name it yet, you can go online and get name ideas! That’s how mom chose Trixie’s and our late sister Willow’s name. Here is an example of a site with a ton of names to choose from!

That’s the end of our short little post on how we got our name. Now you know a little something more about us!

Lycan & Lexie


4 thoughts on “How We Got Our Names

    • Hahaha imagine a dog having the same name as you. We’ve been out and we’ve heard owners calling humom’s name and she’d be like “omg how does this person know my name”. Then she’ll realise they’re actually calling their dog…


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