We’re On A Boat! Pet Cruise Review: Coney Island

We’ve overheard mom telling dad countless times that she wants to bring us to other parts of Singapore on a boat for quite some time now and we finally got to do so with Pet Cruise a few Saturdays back! Joining us were Mango, Cookie and Donna. Links to their review can be seen when you click their names.


Joe, the skipper of the boat AKA the Captain, met us at the carpark before leading us to embark on the boat. After settling in, we were briefed on what we were going to do for the next two hours during the trip before we headed over to Coney Island. The humans were asking questions and stuff but we didn’t pay attention to what was going on because we could smell the sea and all we wanted to do was go swimming!

Being briefed by Joe, the skipper of the boat!
“Where we going?”
Otw to Coney Island
Otw to Coney Island

Mom didn’t managed to snap pictures of us disembarking because we were all over the place and excited to finally get off the boat and onto the beach! Joe steered the boat further out after dropping us off; a good distance away where the humans can let him know when we’re done and we’re ready to head back.

Lexie with Pet Cruise in the back.
Lexie with Pet Cruise in the back.

While the rest explored the beach, we decided to stay at our spot to swim and play fetch!

Exploring the beach
Go get the ball!
Lycan: I got the ball!
Lycan: Diz my favorite ball.
Lycan: Give me the ball!!
Lycan: I said give me the ball!!

Here’s a time lapse taken on Lycan’s gopro.

The rest came back after a while as Mango and Cookie’s moms stepped on fish bones and felt that the beach was a little too dirty to really walk around.

Cookie: We're coming back!
Cookie: We’re coming back!
Mango: Oh haiii
Mango: Oh haiii
Pretty Donna
Pretty Donna

We ended beach time about 45 minutes later as the sky was getting gloomy.

Shaking off the water before heading up the boat.
Shake it off!
Lexie: Better run, don't want them catching me up the boat.
Lexie: Better run, don’t want them catching me!

While we went up the boat, Joe said that it wasn’t the end of our play time! We had one more chance of swimming and it was in the open water!

“Lets go swim in the open water!”

Lexie: We stopped somewhere near the bridge that links Punggol to Coney Island and the both of us put on life jackets before jumping off as it’ll be easier to lift us back into the boat when we were done. I jumped in first as I’m pretty used to jumping into the water. Dad was next. Lycan didn’t dare to jump in and Joe had to carry him by his life jacket and put him in. As Lycan was not used to just swimming without any direction (he only swims when he goes after his toys) he started panicking and was trying to cling onto dad. Mom decided that it was enough for him and he got carried back into the boat. I was nice enough to accompany Lycan back to the boat before I continued my swim session.

Lexie: It's okay, Lycan. I'm here.
Lexie: It’s okay, Lycan. I’m here.

Our time with Pet Cruise unfortunately had to come to an end as our time was up but we sure had fun!

Humom’s Thoughts:

It was definitely a great experience with Pet Cruise! Joe and his crew were very hospitable, making sure that everyone was comfortable throughout the trip. Joe was also especially knowledgeable about the many different islands around our Singapore. He was not only able to answer all of our queries about the surrounding islands but also provide us with fun facts! If not for the time constraint that we had, we surely would have wanted to spend more time out in the open waters. I would recommend it as a destination for a peaceful getaway with the dogs, but one has to be prepared for a wet and sandy experience. We would like to thank Joe and his crew for this wonderful experience and for giving us a discounted rate. We will surely be back on the Pet Cruise again!

Last picture before we left.
Last pic before we left.


Head over to their Facebook page if you would like to make a booking with them!

Lycan & Lexie


11 thoughts on “We’re On A Boat! Pet Cruise Review: Coney Island

  1. I always thought both lycan and lexie can leap into the water from the poolside, only now I realise it’s only Lexie who does it!! And that Lycan was more after the toy than swimming. Haha! 😛 Great fun seeing them in action though… since mine doesn’t swim 😛


    • Hahaha nope Lycan refuses to jump into the pool. He doesn’t really swim when we go to the pool either cos if we were to throw his toy from one end to the other, he will just run over to the other side and pick his toy up. Lol. So the best would still be the beach. Haha thanks! She seemed pretty comfortable though so maybe can eventually get her use to swimming.

      Liked by 1 person

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