Tea Time At Kakis Bistro & Bar

The parents said we were very well-behaved when we were at Wheeler’s Yard so they decided that we could tag along when they paid their first visit to Kakis Bistro and Bar!

"Can we go in yet?"
“Can we go in yet?”

As it is a bistro and bar, they open for business at 4pm. So for those of you who are thinking of heading there, you can go over for dinner.

View from outside

Their alfresco dining area is surrounded by carpet grass so it’s dog friendly! The place is quite spacious as well so the parents didn’t have to worry about us disturbing people if they were seated at the nearby tables.

Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating

As you can see, we were seated in a corner and the adjacent table is quite a distance away.

Corner seating
Corner seating

The parents ordered the bruschetta and a magarita pizza. Mama gave a funny face when she tried the bruschetta and I overheard dad saying mom wouldn’t like it as the taste of herbs was too strong for her liking. She definitely enjoyed the magarita pizza though. She told dad she only wanted a slice and ended up eating three.

"Please get in my tummy"
“Please get in my tummy”

They forgot to take a picture of the pizza and by the time they did remember, there was only a slice left.

Mom’s Summary: Overall experience was good. Staff were friendly, pricing of the food was reasonable. Was able to park right next to the bistro so a definite plus. Place was not very cramped so yet another plus. The best part? It’s about a 15min drive from our home so we’ll definitely be coming back more often! Oh and for those who want to head down to relax, Happy Hour is from 4pm to 8pm!

Kakis Bistro & Bar:

DSC_2666Address: 289 Farnborough Road, Singapore 509747
Phone: 6214 2956
Closed on Tuesdays.
Opening Hours: 4pm – 12am

It’s located right next to Changi Golf Club so if you know where the golf course is, then you’ll easily be able to find Kakis Bistro & Bar!

Watching people golf
Watching people golf


Lycan & Lexie


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