Exploring Green Corridor

Last Sunday, a group of us decided to take a walk and explore Green Corridor. This was our second time at Green Corridor but the first time walking this route with our friends! Our first time there was some time the beginning of last year so you can say it’s been a year since we were last there.

We were late, as usual, so we told the rest to go ahead first without us. The route they started from was right in front of the parking area.

Starting point

We were told to turn left so we did so without crossing the bridge. That path led us to the road so we had to go back down and cross the bridge.

Happily going up the wrong direction

Let me tell you something about Lexie. She has many fears but pain is not one of them. She doesn’t watch where she’s going during play time and will end up running into cupboards, table/chair legs. Like the picture below, there were drains that we had to cross and she didn’t bother crossing the by the “bridge” and ended by tripping and knocking her chin on something. Some time during the walk, she didn’t bother moving out of the way and ended up getting kicked by a cyclist and she didn’t even care and kept walking.

Rubbing her chin
Rubbing her chin

So our journey begins.

Just keep walking
Just keep walking

There were a few muddy areas that they got to play in. Here is one of them.

"Diz looks fun"
“Diz looks fun”

We tend to keep Lexie on leash till she’s calm before we let her off as she likes chasing Lycan and we don’t really like it as Lycan would get really annoyed.

"Where iz Lycan going?"
“Where iz Lycan going?”
Lexie: Yay time to explore!
Lexie: Yay time to explore!
Lexie: come on slowpokes. Lycan: nope, not gonna wait.
Lexie: come on slowpokes. Lycan: nope, not gonna wait.
Lycan: seriously? Hurry up!!
Lycan: seriously? Hurry up!!
"Yay, running with dad!"
“Yay, running with dad!”

We finally reached the graffiti area, the part I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time. The rest of them were also waiting there so we finally caught up with everyone!

Lycan doesn't know how to appreciate "art". Grass is better.
Lycan doesn’t know how to appreciate “art”. Grass is better.
Russell, Mango, Echo and Nugget
Russell, Mango, Echo and Nugget

We decided to head back and continue the opposite direction from where we started.

"Come on, dad."
“Come on, dad.”
No idea what was so interesting
No idea what was so interesting

As we were reaching our final stop point, these three monkeys decided to run cos apparently the walk was not tiring enough.

Spot the monkeys
Spot the monkeys

When we reached our final stop, Nugget decided he didn’t want to deal with boring photo takings so he ran back towards the direction we came from. Poor Eunice and Janicia had to go after him. So while we waited, we decided to start posing our pups for pictures.

With Russell.
With Russell

Funny girl decided to plop herself right in front of the sign.

"Hi, I'm Lexie and Welcome to Green Corridor"
“Hi, I’m Lexie and Welcome to Green Corridor”

They then ran into this “building” that has a fan. I stayed out to watch the bags.

"Mama y u no join us?!"
“Mama y u no join us?!”
"Iz awesumz"
“Iz awesumz”

They manage to catch Nugget back and gather everyone for a photo. Just when everyone was ready, my camera battery died on me. So I had no choice but to use my phone camera.

3 Shelties, 3 BCs
3 Shelties, 3 BCs

We covered an estimated 7+km within 2 hours that day. If you think that was tiring, we headed to Sentosa after that for a swim and we only had 3 hours of sleep the night before. I (humom) have started enjoying long quiet trail walks with the pups so this was really fun for us. There are still a lot of routes we have yet to explore so we’ll save that for another day!

We made it!

Love, Lycan & Lexie


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