Donna’s Gotcha Day Picnic

We were invited to Donna’s Gotcha Day celebration on Sunday!

DSC_1073Gotcha Day” is a phrase that denotes the anniversary of the day on which a new member joins a family in the adoption process. It is sometimes also called “Homecoming Day”,”Family Day”, or “Adoption Day” – although the date can be different from date on which the legal adoption is made final. ‘Gotcha Day’ is often associated with annual rituals or celebrations, much like a birthday. – Taken off Wikipedia

The picnic was held at Lower Peirce Reservoir. It was a really beautiful place and the weather was great for a picnic.


We arrived late(as usual) and didn’t take pictures of the food so we got these from MangoTheSheltie.

Food for humans. Yum.
Food for humans. Yum.
Food for the pups
Food for the pups
"Hmmm, food smells yummy"
“Hmmm, food smells yummy”

There were other dog friends there and the area was really spacious with grass everywhere so it was good for the dogs to run around and explore.

Donna The Explora
Lycan wants to be an explorer too
Lycan wants to be an explorer too
Cutie Mango
Cutie Mango

They didnt get to run around much as there were steep drops into the canal/reservoir(?) and they love to go swimming so we didn’t want to risk them falling in while trying to get into the water.

We ended up playing with them and made them do a few tricks.

"Cop Cop"
“Cop Cop”

Then it was Lycan’s turn to have some fun.

Let's go on an adventure!
Let’s go on an adventure!

Towards the end of the picnic, we tried taking a group photo.


Lycan jumped off for a few seconds because someone dropped some dog food on the floor and he couldn’t resist watching it sit on the floor.

"Where is everyone going?"
“Where is everyone going?”

While we were packing up, the picnic host decided to grace us with her presence. Had to use treats to bribe her to stay though.

"Give me the treat, human!"
“Give me the treat, human!”

Thank you Donna and Humans for inviting us to be part of Donna’s Gotcha Day picnic. Stay happy and here’s to more playdates, LexiesOnlyFriendBesidesLycanBecauseShesStuckUpAndOnlyPlaysWithNicePatientDogsWhichWeCanRarelyFindEver.

Happy pups had fun
Happy pups had fun

Love, Lycan & Lexie


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