A Year With Lexie

Exactly a year ago, Lexie came into our lives as a Christmas gift from my bf.

First picture. On the way home after picking her up.
First picture. On the way home after picking her up.

We’ve been wanting to get Lycan a little buddy + training buddy and it just so happened to be nearing Christmas so surprise! The bf got me a puppy.

When she first came, she was 4.5 months and a funny looking puppy. Short fur, oversized ears.

First time at iii cafe.
First time at iii cafe.

She was a very nervous dog. She gets scared by the tiniest things. Sounds, people, other dogs. It took her about 3 months to finally get use to my mother. She’s still pretty wary of my dad.

As we bring them out very often, she started to get use to humans and other dogs. Now she allows strangers to approach and pet her without trying to run away when I’m around. Not so much if she happens to wander off and someone tries to pet her. She’ll be your friend though if you have food.

Learning "Hold it"
Learning “Hold it”

She’s still not a fan of other dogs beside Lycan. So far, she’s only tried playing with a corgi (she’s more tolerant of them, I realise), a mongrel puppy around her age when she was about six months and Donna!

Playing with Donna at Wagging Rights.

She loves swimming.

First time swimming.
First time swimming.
I iz meerkat.
I iz meerkat.

She used to be very picky with her meals. She would go two days without eating just because her food “was not good enough”. I would add eggs, chicken and veggies into her kibbles and she still would not even touch her food. She had a weak digestive system and would have diarrhea due to the slightest change in food. She was one of the main reason I decided to make the switch to raw, the final push that told me I had to do it if I wanted the best for her.

Screenshot (38)
Om nom nom cheeeken.
Om nom nom cheeeken.

She opened my eyes to a whole new world of training. Lycan was taught through aversive training and when we got Lexie and tried the same method, she was absolutely terrified. It was then that I knew I’m not going to put her through that kind of training and sourced for other training methods and that was how I found out about about Positive Training.

Screenshot (26)
How could anyone bear to put such a face thru scary training.

With Positive Training, she blossomed and showed me her potential to learn really fast. Here are two of our favorite tricks.

She’s able to hold her “wave” up much longer now! There are other tricks but I’ll do a post about that another day.

She is always camera ready, sometimes posing for us.

Screenshot (29)
Before going boarding for the first time.
Screenshot (34)
Long and lanky, potential model?

She has a love-hate relationship with Lycan.

Some days Lycan annoys her.

Lycan: Diz my friend. She ugglyyyy.
Lycan: Diz my friend. She ugglyyyy.

Some days she’ll get back at him.

Lexie: You shall not pass!!!
Lexie: You shall not pass!!!

But they still love each other and have each others backs no matter what.


She’s super whiny. She whines when we come home, she whines when she wants to go out. She whines when we’re in the car and take too long to get to our destination.

Within the span of only one year of having her around, I have learnt so much. From changing our training method to changing their diets.

Having them around has taught me so much and how to be a better owner, to control my temper and try to be a better person.

She may be spoilt and super irritating but she’ll always be my little monster.



4 thoughts on “A Year With Lexie

  1. Awwww!! What a great post!! Isn’t it amazing how one animal can totally change your life? These pictures are absolutely precious! I feel like I can see their different personalities. SO cute! I also loved seeing the videos! It’s great to get to see old instagram posts that went up before I started following. Aw happy one year with Lexie!


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