DogsOfInstaSG First Christmas Party

10534630_10152547728281284_112920134323527580_nIf you haven’t heard, we are part of a dog group in Singapore called DogsOfInstaSG and we threw our first Christmas party on Sunday! As a newly formed group that started sometime in June, throwing a party for 60 guests and approximately 45 dogs wasn’t easy!

The Planning:

The party planning started in August, four months before the party. Back then, we had approximately 100 members so we decided half of it would be a good number. There were a few places we were thinking of renting but all were too small to accommodate so many humans + dogs. We wanted the dogs to have enough space to run and play having a big space was a must! Thankfully we manage to rent the top level of a community centre. The floor area was estimated to be 31 metres X 11 metres. It was HUGE. But after setting up tables and chairs, the only play area was at the back.

For food, we decided that we wanted those with a Christmas menu and that was within our budget. We listed those that met our criteria and Janicia from MangoTheSheltie went to do a little reading up on the reviews. We settled on How’s Catering.

As the party was getting closer, we had to get collect ticket payment from the guests and Elin from SomeWhiteCookie took her time to contact the guests on payment methods and reminders.

We wanted the dogs to have fun and to bring back a ton of stuff so JX from WeLiveInAFlat put in her time and effort to find and contact potential sponsors and kept in touch with them, updating them about what we needed and was happening at the party. Definitely couldn’t have done it without her and we would’ve ended up with sad looking goodie bags.

Lucky draw and goodie bags sponsors.
Goodie bag and lucky draw sponsors.
Feed My Paws kindly sponsored 55 pupcakes to the dogs at Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter!
My Fur Friends sponsor.

The Party:

After waiting and planning for four months, the day of the party was finally here! The party started at 11.30am but we arrived at 10am to decorate and set up the area.

We sits here so you can't move these chairs.
We sits here so you can’t move these chairs.

The sponsors that had a “booth” came early to set up too!

Ohpopdog sells doggie accessories and sponsored prizes for our Best Dressed competition!

_DSC0553 _DSC0557

Barking Good is a dog bakery and they were kind enough to sponsor a treat table, lucky draw prizes and stuff for the goodie bags!

_DSC0558 _DSC0560

The Barkery is also a dog barkery and they were kind enough to sponsor a treat table, stuff for the goodie bags and pies and treats for the recall runway!

_DSC0563 _DSC0562

The food came around 11am but I didn’t have time to take pictures of it till a later timing.

Cute snowman decor for Xmas theme!
Red velvet mini cupcakes.

There was a log cake and much more food but I decided not to take pictures of half eaten food so no pictures of those!

Everyone started arriving around 11.30am and soon enough, the place was packed with humans and pups running around! I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the dogs there but I managed to snap a few of their friends.

Little Cobie
Pudding, Muffin and Toby waiting for treats.
SirToby about the catch his treat
Can’t get over how gorgeous Smallie’s eyes are!
Pretty Donna not too pleased to be next to two monsters.
Random picture of Lexie doing what she does best, jumping over stuff.
Random picture of Lexie doing what she does best, jumping over stuff.

Around 2.30pm, we started on the Recall Runway! The game was inspired by a video posted online where you and your dog would be separated by a path of food and toys and it was to test how strong your dog’s recall was!

Obviously, these two did terribly and went for the food instead. But we kept comforting ourselves that they are the smart, true winners because I know if I did that, I rather choose pie over passing and not getting anything! Like you know when parents tell you “No, do not eat/touch that” but you’re like “screw that, I’m gonna do it”? I was that kid so I don’t really blame them but I definitely have to work on their “leave it”. Anyway, a compilation of a few videos I took of the contestants. Notice how Lycan acts like the GR in the video.

After the game, we took a group photo.

A few had already left so you can only imagine how much bigger the group was!

Then it was prize presentation for both the Best Dressed competition and Lucky Draw!

Best dressed + Lucky draw prizes
Best dressed + Lucky draw prizes

Best Dressed Winners:


Lucky draw winners:

luckydraw1 luckydraw2 luckydraw3The prize presentation was the last part of the event so it was free and easy after that. Most decided to head home as it was starting to rain so we started clearing up. Took an admin group photo before we left.

Faces behind LifeWithLycanLexie, SomeWhiteCookie, WeLiveInAFlat, MangoTheSheltie
Faces behind LifeWithLycanLexie, SomeWhiteCookie, WeLiveInAFlat, MangoTheSheltie

Overall, the event was a success. Was pretty pleased with the way it turned out but was disappointed that a few didn’t keep an eye on their dogs and as a result, a few of us had to run around to clean up after their dogs because the owners were no where in sight. Instead of spending time with our dogs and mingling with others, we had to take that time mopping up pee and even worse, clearing diarrhea when we already clearly stated that everyone MUST be responsible for their own dogs. We joked on how we should hire cleaners next time as we aren’t paid cleaners and it’s not fair that we have to responsible for others. We did this so that everyone could have fun and enjoy ourselves and that included us. But I pretty much expected that some owners won’t bother watching and clearing up after their dogs so it wasn’t a major shocker. For those who did clear up after your dogs, THANK YOU! We really appreciate it.

You can read Donna’s take on the party here.

But on a brighter note, we had a ton of goodies to bring home!

We participated in a competition by NekoJam sometime last month and came in first! Debrah was nice enough to bring the prize down and we added that in the the goodies we brought back.


What's in there?
What’s in there?
So. Many. Goodies.
So. Many. Goodies.

In our goodie bags from the party, we got treats from Barking Good, The Barkery and Furrific, kibble samples from Pawmart, poop bags from Little Cherry and vouchers from Wagging Rights!

Our lovely friends gave us gifts too! We got fruitables and the cute stuff toys from Yoda X Vader, treats and balls from our daycare friend Ebi, treats from Muffin and Pudding, homemade treats from Beanie and Cotton, dog biscuits with their name on it from Barking Good and last but not least, DIY collars from Smallie and Tugger!

We would like to thank everyone who attended the party and those who gave us gifts!


Love, Lycan & Lexie


9 thoughts on “DogsOfInstaSG First Christmas Party

  1. Oh my gosh, how fun!! So many goodies!!! The video was so funny! Love that last picture of Lycan and Lexie. 🙂 🙂 Looks like it was a great time!!


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