Young, Wild & Free. Our trip to Canterbury Road

Our friend Mango told us about this beautiful place sometime back. Weather was really good yesterday so we decided to go take a look!

Beautiful empty field.

We decided to walk further in after the path you see behind them. At the end of the path was a big tree. There was a canal(?) after the tree so we weren’t able to go across.

Huge tree

While the bf was playing around with the camera settings, these two got the chance to run around.

Poor Lycan trying to run as fast as he can.
Lexie: You shall not pass!!!!

Then we tried to get proper action shots.

I’m comingggggg.

Lazy Lycan doesn’t really run when there’s no annoying Lexie going after him. Don’t mind the fallen tripod.

Little Lexie trying to steal frozen chicken.
Their look of concentration when we wave treats around.

After all the running around on a hot day, water break!

Watering the dog.
Tired faces.
Look at my tongue!

What we really like about this place was that it’s really big and empty so these two can frolick without us having to worry about them running off onto the road or disturbing people. It’s pretty far in from the main road and for the hour plus we were there, we only met a lady with her daughter and golden retriever and saw only two cars drive by.

What we didn’t like was that the road there was really narrow and I was constantly worried that another car might come from the opposite direction and we’ll get stuck. The field had a lot of slopes and I was afraid I would fall and slide down. There was no parking nearby except a small patch of grass which was super muddy and the whole car was pretty much covered in mud.

Small patch of grass where we parked. Right next to the drain. Taken from Google maps.

Location: Canterbury Road, Singapore 119800

Screenshot (13)
Picture via Google Maps

Given the choice, we would still come back again during the drier season.

View of the road and field.
Happy pups to end off the post!

7 thoughts on “Young, Wild & Free. Our trip to Canterbury Road

    • The route we came in from not possible bcos it’s just a long road. The road after the field is private housing so like not really nice to park outside their houses? We didn’t really drive far to explore for parking spaces bcos we were afraid it’ll rain so faster go and get it over and done with. 😛


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