Six Months Into Raw Feeding

As most of you guys should know by now, my two monsters are on a raw diet. It’s been six months since they’re started and three months since I posted about it so here’s an update!

Lexie: look at my teeth! Diz for shredding meat.


Beef lungs, beef chuck tender, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken breast, pork shoulder, pork tenderloin, pork heart, pork tongue and we just started on mutton. We will be starting them on anchovies as well next month!

We didn’t feed them mutton previously as it’s a little pricy but ever since we started shopping from a wholesaler, everything is much cheaper so we can spend a little more! We’re now sourcing for beef tongue and lamb lungs. Hope to be able to add more varieties in their meat.

Weighing out their meat during meal prep.
Boneless lamb leg, chicken gizzard and beef lungs.

We usually feed them whole chunks but some days we use their meal for training so we would cut them into smaller pieces to feed like treats.


Whole chicken cut into parts ( Whole leg, chicken back etc. ), pork trotters.

We’ve also started feeding them chicken feet daily as a treat.

Been wanting to start them on duck but I’m kind of worried the smell might be a turn off for them. 

2014-08-12 09.53.57
Old picture. Pork hock and liver with probiotics and blueberries. Have stopped feeding them fruits and veggies though.


Pork liver, pork kidney, beef liver, beef spleen, chicken liver.

Sourcing for more organs!


They get coconut oil daily. I just drizzle it on top of their food. For probiotics, I feed it to them about once a week or whenever I feel they have had too much of “other” foods that might cause them to have diarrhea. Some days I add salmon oil as well.


They have been on coconut oil and probiotics even before we started them on raw. They have very nice, shiny coats(I’m not bragging, we get told constantly) and we have the coconut oil to thank! We get our probiotics and coconut oil from The Barkery. Worth the try if you want your dog to have nice, shiny coats!


Previously we were buying their meat from supermarkets. A week worth of food cost approximately $60. We were wondering how is this cheaper than kibbles like everyone mentioned. Then we realised most of them get their meat from direct suppliers! We went online to hunt for a list of suppliers and we found two that were near each other. As the supplier was pretty far away, we decided to buy two weeks worth of food so we didn’t to go as often. I was expecting it to be a bomb but guess what? Two weeks worth of food cost approximately $70 OR LESS. I spent an additional $10 for another week’s worth of food. Super please with our findings and that we can add in more varieties in their protein as it’s cheaper.


When Lexie first started on raw: 11.5kg – 12kg.
Lexie’s current weight: 11.4kg – 11.7kg

When Lycan first started on raw: 15.8kg – 16.5kg
Lycan’s current weight: 14kg – 15kg.

There’s not much of a difference in Lexie’s weight but I feel she’s much leaner now. I can feel her bones much easier compared to when she’s on kibble.

Lycan lost about 1-2kg. We haven’t been exercising them as much lately so his weight is back up to 15kg compared to it being 14kg when we went for urban mushing three Sundays in a row.

We use to give them a bath every weekend because they would start to smell by mid week and Lycan would get slightly flaky skin within two weeks of not having a bath. But lately, they can go from two weeks to a month without a bath and still not smell! Lycan hasn’t had flaky skin in a while as well.

Lycan is more active and doesn’t tire as easily. He use to get tired after 5-10mins of playing chase with Lexie but now they can go on forever.

There are definitely a lot more pros than cons(in my opinion) if you feed a BALANCED diet. Please do proper research before starting your dog on raw and you’ll see all the wonders a raw diet can do for your dog.

Head to RawFeedingCommunity to know more about raw feeding!

Screenshot (7)

** Update:

They tried canned sardines last night! Was suppose to start on anchovies this week but the market didn’t bring in any over the weekend so we had to make do with canned sardines this week. They ate it immediately so I was pretty relief that picky Lexie didn’t spit it out.

Processed with VSCOcamWhy canned sardines?

Here is the basic gist of why sardines are one of the healthiest and safest fish for a dog: they are chock full of Omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. These are great for the skin and the coat, but they also help to reduce inflammation and give a nice boost to the immune system. Thus, the dog with allergies will benefit from sardines as well as a dog with arthritis or some autoimmune conditions too.

Info from RaisingHealthyDogs

I don’t add fish oil to their meals so what better way for them to get omega-3 then from a fish itself!

I also found a picture of the other kind of bones they eat! Here’s a picture of the upper part of a chicken.

Screenshot (14)


10 thoughts on “Six Months Into Raw Feeding

  1. I finally got a chance to read this!! Awesome progress! We found a raw friendly vet which is very exciting! Barkley is taking probiotics and enzymes during his switch. I started with freeze dried raw and now slowly introducing frozen raw. The hardest thing is when we go out and people want to give Barkley and Zelda treats. I always have to decline after they wave it around in front of their face and I feel so bad!


    • Hehe yay! Thanks! Probiotics is really good for the initial phase and you can wean him off it once he starts getting use to having raw. Omg I knowwww. But I usually allow them to give them one or two pieces before bringing them away.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I came back to this post to ask you if you have ever had to add anything to their food to help gain weight? Zelda is growing fine, but the vet says she needs to bulk up before he can spay her. We increased the amount of food she is eating but we just can’t t her to gain weight! Someone at the pet food store suggested adding goat milk. Just wondering if you have any experience with this. Thanks!


    • Hmmm Lexie always had a problem with her weight. We fed her about 3-3.5% of her weight but she didn’t seem to be gaining till recently, she hit 12kg and more or less stuck to that weight. You could definitely try goat’s milk. We’ve been feeding yogurt which kind of helped stabilised her digestive system and helped her put on weight. How much more does Zelda have to gain?


      • The vet didn’t give me an exact number. That’s good to know the yogurt helped her. We just started goat milk this morning. Hopefully it works!


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