We Try And Do It Like The Cool Kids Do

Besides loving the beach, one of our other favorite activity is training them canine parkour!


What is canine parkour?

Canine Pakour, more known as Urban Dog Agility is a great way for you and your dog to exercise and have lots of fun by using natures obstacles and everyday objects you come across, while out on your daily walk.

Random chairs

What made us want to start on canine parkour?

We(mostly me, the humom) got really interested after watching her favorite


and the awesome TreT.

Mad love for Jumpy’s backflip and TreT’s wall runs. Yes, the dog runs on walls. I also follow the really awesome Jaymi Heimbuch and her dog Niner! His balancing skills are crazy.

Why canine parkour?

We were thinking of doing something which we can do on a day to day basis rather than the usual agility. My two monsters love jumping all over the place so I’m killing two birds with one stone by training their balancing and hind leg muscles for jumping and they get to have fun!

Pfft, piece of cake.

How did we start canine parkour?

Our two had like “springs” in their legs so could jump high from the start. We started with chairs to rocks.

Start with lower chairs.

We’re getting them to jump on mostly rocks now as the surface is not flat so it gets them train their balancing.

Rock climbing goats

It’s really fun but safety first! Don’t get your dog to jump too high if they’re unsure as they might fall and injure themselves. We have instances where they fall into bushes from not being able to balance. We try not to allow them to jump off high areas as well and help them down by carrying them so as not to hurt their front legs from the impact of jumping off.

You can also visit WeLiveInAFlat for more info about their adventures with canine parkour!

All in all it is generally a fun way to spice up your daily walks. During lazy weekends, we bring them to nearby places for walks and to get them do practice their canine parkour.

We conquered this big rock
We conquered this big rock

The bf for scale. He’s about 170cm. Height they jump: approximately 85cm. Rock is higher than it looks in picture.

Conquered an even bigger rock!
Conquered an even bigger rock!
Random chairs to jump on

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