Wagging Rights

Over the weekend we got invited to attend Wagging Rights Official Opening!


Photo by Wagging Rights

IMG_9822 (edited)
Shop front. Photo by Wagging Rights
IMG_9813 (edited)
Waiting area where they sell shampoos. Photo by Wagging Rights.

Besides us, there were a few other instagram friends/bloggers. DonnaMango and Echo + Nugget were there too!

Donna waiting to play with Lexie.
Donna: Come catch me!

Lexie proceeded to zoom around the room after the picture was taken.

Where’s my mama?

Was very pleased because these two were very well behaved the whole time there and for Lexie to play with others was a major plus!

Wagging Rights specialises in handmade gourmet dog food, premium grooming and daycare services.

The dogs were in the daycare room and they have a Puppy Playground, the very first in Singapore! Made in the USA for specific dog use, Puppy Playground provides physical exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction on literally a higher level. More info can be found here.




They had a photobooth and we decided to take a few pictures. Lexie is terrified of heights, therefore her face and I had to carry her because she was clinging onto the table for dear life.

10173709_929905247038106_5242406795446476518_nPhoto by Wagging Rights.

They had a cooking “lesson” where they taught us how to cook for our dogs, the nutrients needed and why offal is important in a dog’s diet. They’re on a raw diet so they get to eat offal but I think it’s something new to most owners! The food smelt simply scrumptious during the lesson. No wonder the dogs that were in the room were getting all excited!


Photo credit to MangoTheSheltie

Pretty canvas decor.
Babies posing for the camera.
Mangothesheltie’s owner sent me this picture taken by Michelle Chua. Click on the picture to check out her page!

“At the cornerstone of Wagging Rights is fresh food that is balanced, all natural and that can be fed to one’s dog every day. “Feeding your dog right is the biggest positive impact you have on your dog’s life. We feel – and we know so from experience – that proper feeding practices greatly improves both life span and quality of life in dogs. What this means for the owners is healthier, happier, sturdier dogs that need fewer visits to the vet. We want to change the way you feed your dog, one meal at a time,” Lu-Yi says.”


How yummy does this look! Now you can feed your dog some nutritious food with prices as low as $48 for 5kg (R.R.P: $60). Hurry, as prices are valid till 30 October 2014. Click here to find out more.

“As the newest kid on the block, Wagging Rights is set to raise the bar on how to care for dogs in a manner that is healthy and safe, and of course, fun. For example, all dogs have to undergo a robust “Temperament Test” to ensure a safe and stress-free session in the playground. Staff is also trained in CPR as well as to develop a keen eye for canine behavior and body language. All staff training, Temperament Test as well as emergency procedures are done under the tutelage and endorsement of well-respected dog trainer Michelle Chan of Pup Pup “N” Away.”

As I mentioned earlier, they have daycare services and their rates are from $28 onwards! More info here.

10511307_927744180587546_3146647474597032908_n (1)

“Grooming is approached differently too at Wagging Rights. The belief is that dog grooming should not be reserved just for the show dogs and poodles; rather it ought to be done more regularly for both hygiene and health purposes.“People underestimate the importance of a good grooming session,“ says Sheryl Chia, Chief Groomer at Wagging Rights. Sheryl was trained in the US and certified by Nash Academy and Sepia Pet Care School in Japan.”

twins aussies
Samantha Chia, Wagging Rights’ Daycare Manager, together with sister Sheryl. The twins have nearly a decade of experience owning, showing and training various breeds of dogs.

Want to know more? Head to Wagging Rights!

We definitely had a fun and enjoyable experience there. We’ve seen the food and played at the playground. Next on our list, their grooming!

My Cuties to end off the post.

Photo by Wagging Rights.

**Sorry for the bad quality in some of the pictures; of all days the camera decided to act up, it was on that day.

Head over to MangoTheSheltie’s and SomeWhiteCookie’s page to read their review on Wagging Rights!


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