Our Hearts Sleep By The Sea.


If you don’t know yet, we absolutely love going to the beach! And by we, I mean the furkids. Okay, we humans enjoy going to the beach too but not washing them off after. Lycan has this bad habit of rolling around causing sand to get trapped in his fur. I’m fine if Lexie were to do it or if he had Lexie’s fur. His fur is much thicker than Lexie’s and it takes forever to get the sand out.

Rolling around like a fat turtle.

Why the beach?

Well, it’s a combination of two of their favorite things to do which is running and swimming. At doggie pools, there’s not much space for them to run. At dog runs, there’s no water for them to swim in.

The look on their faces when they get to go crazy on the beach.

We try to bring them as often as possible but we’ve been busy lately with meet ups with their friends and Lexie is starting classes. We would make it a point to bring them at least once a month(was twice a month previously).

Well, we hope more of their friends will head to Sentosa so more reasons to go often! We’ll end off here. Enjoy the pictures!

Lexie: what’s on your nose? Lycan: Omg, what’s on my nose?!
Lycan: daaaaddddd. Lexie: omg, stop that.
Lexie with Toby. Picture credit to Sirtoby
Pretty girl. Picture credit to Sirtoby.

20140608_115118 20140727_131234


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