Days at PawPlanet

A lot of people have been asking where I send them for daycare and sleepovers. There’s only one place I trust enough to leave my babies at; PawPlanet.


Daycare allows your dog to get sufficient physical exercise through the social interaction between other dogs and humans at our 1130 sqft dog friendly area. Your pooch will always have access to an indoor and outdoor space so they would enjoy themselves be it in an air conditioned indoor play room or outdoors to eliminate or simply frolic in the grass. As they only use synthetic grass, you would never have to worry about fido’s paws getting muddy even after a rainstorm. Safety and enjoyment of your pup is their top priority at Paw Planet, hence your dog will be monitored at all times to ensure that every dog is having a good time. You too can view your pooch having a good time through their indoor and outdoor webcams!

Sometime November last year, we were going to Bali for a short vacation. Everything was planned nicely but we only had one problem, boarding. As Lycan was our first dog (first personal dog, not family pet), I was really protective and didn’t want to send him to a place where I didn’t trust the person to not be able handle him as he just started classes and was still pretty naughty. I went to search online and happened to chance upon PawPlanet. What caught my attention was that Melissa, the owner of PawPlanet, had her own border collies and I saw quite a number of border collies going for daycare from pictures. Decided to contact her and go down the next day for viewing and let Lycan go for a temperament test. It was our first time leaving him somewhere unfamiliar and that is where we found out he kind of has separation anxiety? He was jumping on the glass walls, slamming himself against it, trying to get out. Melissa had to tie him up for his own safety(definite plus because safety first!). She told us she would bring him for a walk when he goes for boarding to calm him down and she did just that when we handed him over.

2014-09-23 07.54.43
His only friend back then at boarding because he was annoying and everyone didn’t like him.
2014-10-13 12.49.50
It was at PawPlanet that he learnt how to play ball.

2014-10-13 17.57.40

His Husky friend and Ashley the border collie. Picture by PawPlanet.

2014-10-13 17.58.20Playing alone because no one wanted to play with him. Picture by PawPlanet.

2014-10-13 20.58.59

Pulled toys out of the basket. Picture by PawPlanet.

Really happy and I didn’t worry much because I got daily updates and could even watch him through their webcam which is on from 9am – 5pm. He came home happy and tired from the constant playing.

**Sidetrack to April this year, I was told last minute that I had to go on a business trip and the bf was allowed to tag along so I had less than a week to find them a place to board! Melissa was away so we had to board them somewhere else. We finally found a place somewhere at Balestier. We brought them there to view the area and the moment I was there, I didn’t like the place. The dogs had absolutely no manners, standing by the gate and barking like crazy. The staff there didn’t even bother trying to control them. We were brought to their boarding area, a tiny space even though it’s their biggest. Was told it’s just nice for two huskies. There was no webcam at their area and if we wanted for them to be out, we had to top up additional charges for daycare. They promised 3 walks a day so we thought the walks will do. They didn’t do updates and said “oh we can send emails but no guarantee we will send”. What bullshit is this? We spent two nights away because I don’t want to leave them in that place for too long. They got home before us and from the way they reacted, it was so obvious that they were not walked. As an owner, I know how my dogs are when they have been walked. We had no choice but to bring them out at 9.30pm to iii cafe to play. It was there and then that I swore to never leave them at any other place except PawPlanet.

We were planning on going back to Bangkok but I was worried about Lexie as she has some behavioural issues. Melissa told us to bring them down and give daycare a try first and see how she is with other dogs. She was scared and spent time hiding but all in all, I think she was well behaved.

2014-10-10 23.50.29
Protecting sissy.

Dropped them off for daycare again a week before our trip.

2014-10-10 23.51.40Spying on them via webcam.

Just last Monday, we finally went for our long awaited trip. Was told they were better when we dropped them off and were sniffing around instead of hiding in the corner. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I love this place!
Tug of war with frenchie.
Three way tug of war!
So many doggies!
Comfortable enough to be out and about and look how cute that Pekingese is!
Pretty eyes.
Getting photobombed by Ashley
Naptime next to Tazza.
Tux and Lycan fighting for Melissa’s attention.

They were so worn out from daycare + sleepovers that they didn’t really bother about us when we got back. Really please with sending them to PawPlanet and if given the choice, I wouldn’t want to send them anywhere else. Planning to send them for daycare more often if possible.

So next time if you’re thinking of sending your furkid to daycare, do consider PawPlanet! Who knows, you might just get to meet Lycan and Lexie there!


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