Weekends We’re Fishes.

We usually spend our weekends swimming at Sentosa or SunPetgamart but we haven’t been to both places for quite some time as we’ve been going running. However, we went swimming this weekend and we’re going to Sentosa on Sunday! Our swimming days are back.

How we started getting them into swimming:

Lycan hated swimming because the first time we brought him swimming was at Sentosa and he was terrified. Ever since then, he would run and try to drag us away whenever we approach ponds or the mini dog “pool” at Pet Movers(we used to bring him there weekly for classes). We gave up and just brought him to dog parks to run free even after we got Lexie. Then one day when we were at Pet Movers, we decided to try and get him into the dog “pool” and to our surprise, he jumped in happily! It was then that we decided to try bringing him swimming.

Where did/do we bring them:

We first brought them to then K9Kulture as we only knew of them and U Petgamart.


We chose K9Kulture as they provided life jackets and it was a plus as we didn’t know if they could swim well or will they even be comfortable in the water. We got them to wear the jacket and went into the pool without them and used treats to coax them in.

I guess the most common mistakes owners make(even I did it) is to just throw the dogs in. I went to do more reading up before we brought them swimming and was told to coax them in and let them get into the water when the comfortable to prevent them from getting more fearful of it.

They eventually got in and were happily swimming! We were so proud of them and wanted to bring them swimming more often but we didn’t want to travel so far, pay an amount and only swim for an hour. So where did we decide to go for our next swimming trip?



We didn’t let them off leash as we were afraid they would run off and never return. They had a ton of fun running around and swimming. We were pretty pleased as we thought Lycan would react the same way he did when we first brought him to Sentosa but he didn’t.

We were tired after our first trip to Sentosa because bathing them there can be such a chore. Lycan loves rolling in the sand so you can only imagine the amount of sand in his coat.

If I remembered correctly, I happened to find out about SunPetgamart’s opening that same week. I was super pleased as I was told it wasn’t crowded and it is located nearby!

Their first trip to Sunpetgamart was on a weekday so it was empty.

Lycan: catch me if you can! Lexie: Watch me.
Handsome boy.
Happy Hippo.
This my big nose.

*We actually submitted the picture above for some competition and won $100 voucher for pet stuff!

Because we bring them there pretty often, we soon met an adorable Weimeraner, Renji! Lycan and Renji tore a Chomper toy while playing tug of war the first time they met. Renji’s owner, Jason, told us he heads down to Sentosa pretty often too so we decided to join them!

When we were there, Renji was happily playing off leash. Lycan and Lexie were still running around with their leash on but we decided to take the chance and let them off leash. Best decision ever because it was then that we started letting them off leash at Sentosa.

Sentosa with our friend Renji(In the background)
Running freely.

We even started meeting our Instagram friends at Sentosa!

All wet.

We’ve met others but we don’t have pictures.

We usually rotate between going to Sunpetgamart and Sentosa as they love Sentosa but we can’t stand washing sand off them every week.

Empty Sundays at Sunpetgamart
Very bad habit of drinking pool water.

They love going swimming so much we decided to throw a Pool Party for their combined birthday!

Happy Toby at their Birthday Party.


Swimming at Sunny Heights.

And to end this post, one of my favorite pool pictures.

Those muscles.

6 thoughts on “Weekends We’re Fishes.

  1. How you wash the sand off your furkid’s body in sentosa? Thinking of bringing my baby go swimming there. Is there any water hose nearby?


  2. Hi, i wonder how to wash the sand off the body of your furkids? Is there any water hose nearby? Thinking to bring my bAby to Sentosa soon. Thanks


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