And We Ran Like The Wind

We had our first official dogsofinstagramsg gathering over the weekend. We’ve met quite a few of the members already for other mini gatherings such as our party and the bbq but this was the group’s first official planned meet up.

We met at Punggol Settlement(?)(not sure what they call it now, we know that area as Punggol Jetty), rented our bikes/skates/scooters and prepared to head off.


Preparing the dogs before we start running.


Still waiting..

This has been a weekly affair for about a month now so we know the route pretty well and my two were pretty used to running long distances at a pretty fast pace. Record so far = 4km in 30 mins. Reached the first “stop” and waited for the rest.


First stop for a break!


Lexie’s “Tiredometer” indicates “Still a lot of energy”


Big monster checking out the other dogs.

After everyone was done, we set off for the second part of the journey. Everyone travelled in a group but we were way ahead so when they stopped for a group picture, we weren’t in it because we have already more or less reached our destination and were too lazy to turn back.

Lexie: I haz tiny eyes.

Took everyone about half an hour to reach us so we had plenty of time just sitting around taking pictures and resting.

Lycan: hehe, I haz tiny eyes too!
Just lazing around.

Lexie: everyone is here!


Lycan: yay I see them too!

Everyone rested for a while, took some pictures, drank some water, chatted for a bit before heading back. We were suppose to head to Popeyes but due to time constraint, we had no choice but to head back.

Glad to meet up with all our friends, old and new. Next gathering, Halloween!

**Photo credits to both SomeWhiteCookie & MangoTheSheltie.


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