Baking With Lycan & Lexie

Hi there!

We have decided to try baking for the two fur monsters. Everyone is baking and making dehydrated treats for their dogs so we decided to give it a go too because how hard can it get, eh?


We got the recipe from AllRecipes.

Decided to start with something simple and with minimal ingredients so we chose this recipe and because it has peanut butter in it and the two monsters love peanut butter!

I forgot to take pictures of the process and only remembered after putting them into the oven.

Was it fun? Yes(because I just sat there and poured the flour in while the bf did the hard work of mixing). Was it easy? Yes minus the fact that we didn’t know anything about the oven and burnt the first batch of cookies.

Sorry for the picture quality, very bad lighting at home.


Peanut Butter Cookies

20140918_204406Freshly baked cookies set to cool

Decided to add in bananas as well because I didn’t want to make a big batch with just peanut butter.

Peanut butter + Bananas

The ones with bananas turned out much tastier than the ones without that I ended up eating a few pieces. They were a little on the darker side though.

Found a jar to store them in.
Lycan: hmmm. I can smell them. Lexie: Liar, the jar is shut.
Lycan: Can I haz cookies now? Lexie: sigh, again with the pictures.
Lycan: how about now? Lexie: even the floor is more interesting, mama.

Lycan posing with the peanut butter + banana cookies while Lexie has the one with just peanut butter. As you can see, the one with the banana is darker.

Lycan: how about NOW? *puppy eyes* Lexie: okay, the floor isn’t as interesting anymore.

Will I be baking again? Yes! Gonna have to go look up more recipes though. Thinking of baking pupcakes and perfect timing to do so because Lycan’s birthday is on Wednesday so I can bake a birthday pupcake for him!


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