Sunny Heights

20140916_143352 We finally got to try out the newly renovated pool at Sunny Heights! It’s really pretty and the flooring in the pool matched their fur color. Anything black + white gets an additional plus from me! They had two pools; a shallower side and a deeper end. We didn’t really go into the shallower side as it was pretty dirty and Lycan didn’t really like going in there as the sudden drop from the steps scares him. But for humans, I think it’s pretty good as I feel you have a lower chance of sliding and falling in compared to the slope they had previously.

Lycan, reluctant to go in. Lexie, happily swimming.

Happy Hippo

Decided to move over to the deeper end to get them to swim.

YOU take the ball.
She tread water better than I do.
There’s water in my eyes!
😛 Piece of cake.

Lexie became super brave today and is finally doing what we’ve been wanting them to do; jump into the pool from the side!

Lycan: That’s MY toy.
Treading water again.


How Lexie took a break. Didn’t want to come out of the water so she used the platform to hold her up while she stopped paddling for a few seconds.

Lycan didn’t want to swim much so he’s either just standing on the slope or running around the pool.20140916_144939

Caught him standing on the table at one point. Didn’t snap pictures but he was jumping up and down the chairs and from table to table, parkouring on his own.


I can be model too!

They didn’t have a bathing point previously but now they do! We didn’t use it but if I’m not mistaken, it’s like an all in bathing point. You can wash, shampoo, condition and even dry your dog! We definitely need something like this at home.

After we dried them and the bf went to change, we went to Pawlicious to get them treats! We bought them some Cheesy Popstars.

Didn’t snap pictures but we got to meet Milly & Olly. They were simply adorable. Before them, the bf had been wanting to get a bull terrier but we didn’t really see any available. Could see how happy he was playing with the two mini bulls just now. I even suggested that if we get a third dog, we get a bull terrier and he was like “I don’t mind!” Suggested other dogs previously and he’ll say “See how”.

We’re hoping their pet friendly cafe would open soon so we can at least have a meal after the furkids are done with their swimming. Can’t wait to go back!

Location: 110 Turf Club Road Singapore 288000
Opening Hours: 1.00pm – 6.00pm (Weekdays)/6.30pm (Weekends & PH)


11 thoughts on “Sunny Heights

  1. Wow! This swimming area is amazing! What a doggy pool! Omg.. some of those pics of Lexie in the pool are SO hilarious. Lycan’s hesitation is so sweet. Barks can relate. 🙂


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