#MyWritingProcess Tour

Finally getting this long overdue post up.

I was invited by Jamie from CottonTheMaltese to join The Writing Process Tour.

Head over to her blog to see more of this little cutie!

So according to the rules, I’m supposed to answer 3 relatively simple questions as follows:

1) What am I working on?

Besides finding stuff to blog about, I’m also doing daily post on their Instagram.

That aside, I’m working on training them as much as possible.

Lycan is done with his obedience training but he’s still a little defiant at times but I only have myself to blame as I can be inconsistent at times. Lexie is starting her obedience class in October. She’s pretty much gotten her basic obedience done as I train her at home but there are still some issues that I would like to address so what better way than to go for classes!

Besides obedience, I’m also doing trick training with them. Might upload a video if I have the time.

We’re working on doggie parkour as well. Something different compared to the regular obedience and tricks and to keep our walks more entertaining! Lycan’s really into it because he gets to jump around.


Happy face


So bored I could just fall asleep here.

As for me, I’m working on being more consistent with them. No means no, not “okay, I’m in a good mood so I’ll let it slide this time”. Everyone know consistency is key as it prevents the dog from getting confused and the humans don’t get stressed out because they don’t have to worry when the dog will do something undesirable! Well, that’s my opinion.

2) Why do I write what I do?

Do you have times where you look back and think “damn, I should’ve taken a picture/video”. Well, I try not to allow that to happen as you don’t know what’s going to happen next in life. I want to try and keep as much memories so someday I still have something to look back to. Therefore, the blog!

I can barely remember what I had for dinner the night before so with the blog and Instagram, I can look through and remind myself what I did the week/month before. And it’s another reason to take more pictures!


Pupcakes from The Barkery at SMU Animal Day 2014.

Lycan was adopted for said reasons but from the looks of it, there was so much more behind than said reasons. Lexie wasn’t adopted but she had a lot of anxiety issues to work with. I want keep an update on how well they’re progressing and how much happier they are now. From going out to meeting their friends to being spoilt by us with tons of food and toys.

2014-09-12 11.39.15

The day we brought Lycan home.

2014-09-12 11.38.39

The day we brought Lexie home.

3) How does my writing process work?

Well, I just post whatever I feel like posting!


Weekends at Punggol.

For now it’s mostly what happens during the weekends as we have the whole day with them so it’ll make a more interesting post rather than their weekly weeknight adventures to the dog cafe. There’ll be the occasional food posts or maybe posts about them.

** I’m suppose to pass this on to someone else but I’m not following much people so I don’t have anyone to continue! Hopefully I’ll find someone soon and will update this with who is going to continue **


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