Saturdays at Punggol

Brought the Ls to Punggol for a run today!

Well, they did the running, we were using some weird scooter(flicker/trikke scooter) that makes you look like you’re shaking your butt just to make it move.

Processed with VSCOcam

We tied them to the scooters and got them to pull us. We did assist them by moving as well but for two little monsters, they sure are strong.

They pulled us for like half an hour and got a little tired so we just got them to run alongside us.

Ran for approximately two and a half hours and had 10mins break every half hour.

Love bringing them to Punggol but the crowd is madness. Remembered when I was living here six years ago and it was like a ghost town. It’s better now with a lot of stuff but still do miss back when we could walk around the neighborhood for like 15 mins and see NO ONE. Yes, it was that empty back then. And pretty creepy too. Moving back here in three to four years and I can’t imagine the crowd by the time that happens.

So for those who plan on bringing your dogs to punggol during the weekends, be prepared for how crowded it’ll be. There are areas that have much lesser people but it’s pretty far in so would recommend cycling in and a basket to put your dog in if it’s a small dog. And lots of water!

Processed with VSCOcam

Water break!

Tired dogs are happy dogs.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


The following weekend, we brought them back here again. This time we tried to go a longer distance. Guess what? We did 4km in 30 mins! We rented the scooter for 3 hours so we went all the way to Popeyes/Frienzie which was 4km away, sat there for about 2 hours to relax and have a beer then back in 30mins. My monsters sure can run!

Taken on the third week we went with friends!

5 thoughts on “Saturdays at Punggol

  1. Aiyoh, why you call them ls… :P… That wriggling butt “scooter” I saw before… *sniggers* … 2.5 hours of running x.x think Donna ko by the 1st hour. Haha. I never really explored that place fully, guess there’s no place further in to park and escape the crowd …


    • Hahaha okay shall be double L from now on. Never thought of it till you said it. Hahaha. It’s actually more fun than it looks! Have you tried getting Donna to run alongside you while you cycle? If yes, can rent the bike with the big basket at the back. Put her in when she’s tired. Worth exploring but the place that is empty is pretty far in and took us about 45mins to an hour or so to reach with constant breaks between.


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