Ain’t No Party Like A Pool Party

The furkids had a blast at their pool party today.

Lexie’s birthday is on the 1st of August and Lycan’s is on the 24th Sept so we decided to throw them a combined party somewhere in the middle.

These two absolutely love swimming so what better way to celebrate their birthday than to throw them a party by the pool!

We decided for a beach theme so we had mini pupcakes with chicken floss as “sand” and a “starfish” to put in the goodie bags. Besides those, we got dolphin and mermaid shaped cookies.


All from Feed My Paws.

Forgot to take a picture of the toys but there were loofa dogs and octopus squeaky toys in the goodie bags as well!

Moving on to the party itself.

Naughty girl only wanted to stay in the pool and play ball.
Lycan: What did I say about taking my toys. SirToby: Okay, I won’t do it again.

Lycan isn’t really as mean as he looks. He loves playing with Toby.

Donna, Lycan and Toby.

Both photos courtesy of Muffinlicious.

After all the fun, cake cutting!


Lycan, pleased that there’s food. Lexie, not too please because she has to wait.

Cake from The Barkery.

All the fun had to end as it was time for us to leave. But surprise! More fun for them at home as they had so many presents!


Took me awhile to get them to keep still long enough for a picture as they were so excited, grabbing at the toys and running away with it. Besides toys, they even received a hugeeee photo frame with pictures OF their instagram account (super cool idea) and tile magnets of them! Pretty please that there are more stuff to display in their future room on top of a big canvas we plan on getting for them. #obsessedpawrent


Received bandanas as well and what better way to wear it than to wear it like a samsui pup!

Really happy how the furkids had fun and hoped everyone else felt the same. Would this for them again in a heartbeat.


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