Eyes as round as Mooncakes

Hi there!

We’re nearing the end of the Hungry Ghost Festival which means Mid Autumn Festival! And what better way to spend it then to spoil the furkids with mooncakes! Yes, you read right. MOONCAKES for the furkids! They rarely get to eat cooked food so why not spoil them once in a while.

I decided to order half a dozen mix from Feed My Paws. Saw it on their instagram and I couldn’t resist!

We got two beef and a pork for the baked and durian diva, berry bumbum and pinky-tato snowskin. Super cute names, I know.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam
Can we haz it now plz

It’s our first time ordering from Feed My Paws and Crystle was sweet enough to give us samples of the biscuits!

Processed with VSCOcam
Lycan: say okay and I’ll eat them all. Lexie: so done with posing.

Lycan would start bouncing around me when I bring the mooncakes out and he was licking the biscuits before I got him to pose for the picture above.

All in all I’m pretty happy with it. Looks as pretty as it smells. Go check Feed My Paws if you want to order mooncakes for your furry ones as well!


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