Our Diet; Raw Feeding

** For those who are grossed out by raw meat, DO NOT continue reading.

I just realised it’s been three months since we started on their raw diet! So what better way to start than to post about their favorite time of the day, dinner.

I’ve been wanting to start feeding raw even before we got Lexie. It took me approximately six months or more of research till finally I had the guts to feed them raw.

I had so many doubts and what ifs like ‘what if I’m not feeding them right? What if the freezing don’t kill the parasites and they fall sick and die? What if they overdose on organs and they get liver failure? What if they don’t take to it and have constant diarrhea, especially Lexie as she has a weak digestive system’ But thankfully with the helpful of some raw feeders on instagram(if yall are reading this, yes, it’s the help of you guys!) and Facebook that helped me clear my doubts that I finally started them on raw.

And boy, have I never been happier! From day one, the most that happened was slightly soft stool, even from Lexie. I was expecting the worse but thankfully, none of that happened.

You guys must be wondering what’s the pros and cons on feeding raw, right?

I’ll give a list of MY personal experience, so I recommend you read up as much as possible before starting because I’m no expert (remember, I started 3 months ago).


  • Happier, more active dogs
  • Been wanting Lycan to lose weight and raw has helped tremendously
  • Cleaner teeth
  • No more smelly breath
  • Lesser poop
  • Nicer coat

My mom’s poodle has VERY bad dry, flaky skin that hasn’t been getting better with repeated visits to the vet and medication. She used to smell really bad and has to have the cone on her 24/7. She used to bite herself till she bleeds. She had bald spots from scratching.

Now, she doesn’t smell as bad. She doesn’t have to wear her cone AT ALL. She still scratches and bites herself but she doesn’t bleed. Her bald spots have tiny fur that are slowly growing back.

It’s like a miracle for us because we were at our wits end on how to help her. I’m not asking for her to immediately get better and I’m already super happy that she’s slowly getting better.


  • For me, I do weekly meal prep so I still have to drag myself out of bed during lazy days when I just want to laze in bed. (But meal prep day is actually my favorite day because I get to prepare their food! I know, kind of a weirdo.)
  • Defrosting (Some days when I’m lazy, I just feed them frozen)
  • Storage space! My mom had to get a new fridge with a whole side that is a freezer to store their meat because the freezer in the old fridge was too small.
  • Feeding them cook food gives them the runs. So no more feeding them at dog cafes or when we head to the dog cafe and the people there spam them with treats, they’ll get the runs the next day.

That’s more or less it. Will update again when I have more stuff.

Here’s a look at their meals.

Some days are boneless day.

Processed with VSCOcam
R: Gizzard + Beef Lungs. L: Tongue + Heart

Some days are bone + organs day.

Pork hock + liver & probiotics

We started with chicken. Now they’re on chicken/pork knuckles + kidney/liver for bones + organs day and for boneless days, they have pork tongue/heart, chicken gizzard, beef lungs. They occasionally get boneless chicken or pork or beef as well.

They get coconut oil alternate days to yogurt and probiotics twice a week. Have yet to start on fish oil but am looking to start soon!

That’s about all for now. Will update if I have any changes!


11 thoughts on “Our Diet; Raw Feeding

  1. In my research on raw food, I remembered that you posted this awhile ago so I came back to read the post again. How long did it take you to transition to raw once you decided you would feed them this way. I would love to see an updated diet post! Especially on any supplements you have added and how your feeding has changed. Thanks!!


      • I mean kibbles to raw. That is what we will do with Barkley. (Zelda will already be eating raw when he get her.) Yay! Looking forward to the update! 🙂


    • Errr we did immediate transition. They just so happen to be running out of kibbles so we prep their raw a few days before their kibble finished so it was like kibble today, raw tmr. And they took to it very well. They said to expect diarrhea/soft stool but they were fine. Only had soft stool when I added organs in.


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